Connect with Magento Users Worldwide Using Magento Users List

Increase response rates significantly as you connect with C-suite executives who use Magento as their preferred ecommerce platform.

Breakdown of Magento Customers Across the World on the Basis of Product Type:


Simple Product Virtual Product
Bundle Product Configurable Product
Grouped Product Downloadable Product

Successful Use-Cases of Magento for Companies Worldwide

Thousands of companies across the world have seen the benefits of Magento platform for their business. Let’s discuss a few of them:

1. Racedom

This company is a Greece-based automobile accessory store. Without store upgrading, the company was facing problems in migrating over 25,000 products, showcasing variant prices in the shop, and developing a store that was compatible for four currencies and seven different locations. With the help of the Magento team, the company was able to see 200% increase in orders, 35% more mobile traffic, and 400% rise in average order value.

2. Lionfish

This company is based in the UAE and aims at empowering customers who wish to live a healthier lifestyle. The main challenge was to set up an ecommerce shop that would offer a bespoke buying experience to customers. To help them, the Magento Open Source 2.3.3. version was used. As a result, the company received a modern and updated ecommerce solution that offered customers a top-class buying experience.

3. Naseem

This company is a modern perfume brand based in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most ancient perfume companies, that has been in business for the past 20 years. The company needed an entire online store optimized for modern-day marketing needs. Upon implementing the Magento Open Source 2.3.3. version, a scalable and feature-rich ecommerce store was set up. The same was also optimized for the local language of the customers.

Rely on Span Global Services to Take Your Magento Marketing Game to the Next Level

When it comes to ecommerce websites, Magento is a household name. It is one of the most sought-after online store set-up platforms with a client base of over 250,000 worldwide. Some of the top reasons why Magento is so popular is because of the user-friendly interface, responsive website design, multiple deployment options, and ease of integration with third-party websites.

Are you a B2B marketer who deals in products or services that might help Magento users worldwide? Then the best way to reach out to your most relevant customers is to own a database of Magento users. Span Global Services can help you secure such a database. It was meet all points for data integrity, including 100% accuracy, at least 95% deliverability, high responsiveness, multi-channel campaign-compatibility, and more. The database undergoes multi-step verification and validation so that only genuinely-interested customers are included. Through regular updating, we ensure that the database stays fresh and relevant at all times.

Run Successful Hyper-Personalized Marketing Campaigns across Channels

Magento, having a huge client base, serves across industries and geographies. To help you keep your marketing campaigns abreast with the evolving market patterns, Span Global Services’ data experts can help. With our Magento users database, you will be able to go local or global, as your need may be. Target relevant Magento users on the basis of the State, City, County, or Zip Code. You can even target leads in other regions such as the UK, Australia, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and so on.

Other than this, through wide segmentation options, you can even target specific Magento users on the basis of the industrial sector. This would include Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Education, IT, and more. Such audience segmentation will help you get in touch with your TAM and run hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that attract, engage, and convert.

However, if you already own a database of Magento users collated internally but are not seeing desired results, our team also specializes in several supportive services that can easily enrich and enhance the value of your marketing database. These appending services include –

  • Magento Leads Email Appending
  • Magento Leads Phone Number Appending
  • Magento Leads Data Appending
  • Magento Leads Reverse Data Appending
  • Magento Leads Social Media Handles Appending
  • Magento Leads Business Cookie Data Appending
  • Magento Leads Intent Data Appending
  • Magento Leads Technographic Data Appending

Find All Tools Needed to Develop Hyper-Personalized Pitches for Your Target Groups

In today’s day and age, you won’t get far with your audience if you do not run hyper-personalized pitches. Thankfully, an intent-focused Magento users database makes this easily attainable. It will include information such as technographic data and behavioral data to ensure that you know your prospects more intimately than ever.

With such details, you should be able to target each key decision-making head such as CTO, CFO, CMO, CEO, and more with a personalized pitch relevant to their pain-points and preferences. The database will cover core data fields, over 110 of them, for maximum campaign response. These would include your prospect’s Full Name, Job Title, Industry, Postal Address, Direct Dial Number, Email Address, and more.

With this database, you should be able to know exactly where each prospect is positioned in the sales funnel. As a result, content and marketing messages relevant to their position can be developed and delivered across channels.



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