Why Businesses Are Buried under their Own Data: Answers @ Dreamforce 2016

Data – world’s imminent concern after human population and global warming! Not only because it’s increasing at an exponential rate, but also that people (and businesses) can’t seemingly get enough of it. We are adding more and more channels to our data input media (wearable devices, IoT etc.) and making data research, collection, and analysis […]

Tech Intelligence to Deflate Your Bulging Data Balloon

Let’s take a Newtonian look at your company’s data: If 1 byte = 1 apple 1 kilobyte = 3 orchards of apples 1 Megabyte = Apple production of the entire world (not to mention I-phones, I-pads and other Apple products). Just imagine how much one petabyte data would look like. And to say that, our […]

Technology Marketers! Don’t Miss these 5 Education Events

Tenzin Geychok March 25, 2016

The global education industry is at the crest of digital transformation. Good news for technology marketers, because it is also aiding the education technologies market to grow with it. As education becomes more expensive, enterprise expenditures will also follow the cue. Current global expenditures on education is $5 trillion (higher than the global software, media […]