Top 10 Companies Using Microsoft Dynamics

What is Microsoft Dynamics?  

Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated product of Microsoft that helps organizations in business management and Customer relationship management. Microsoft Dynamics is the flagship product that helps businesses in various aspects including supply chain management, financial management, and human resource management.

Microsoft Dynamics previously had multiple Dynamics products for different purposes (Dynamics AX, Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics NAV), but now Microsoft has integrated various products to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Nissan Motor Corporation 

Nissan Motor Corporation

Nissan Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive company that produces a wide range of vehicles and is also recognized as a pioneer in the development of electric vehicles. Nissan has leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to increase operational efficiency. Nissan has more than 1.30,000 employees and its revenue is 78.416 billion USD.

  1. Renault Group 

Renault Group

Renault Group is the renowned and globally known automotive alliance in the list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics and is known for the design, manufacturing, and marketing of vehicles. Renault Group leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to easily scale and conduct the remote training. It has more than 120,000 employees and its revenue is 46.3 billion euros.

  1. NEOMA Business School 

NEOMA Business School is the leading business school that offers various level degrees in business-related disciplines and is one of the prominent organizations in the list of companies that use Microsoft Dynamics. NEOMA Business School has more than 250 employees and its revenue was 14 million USD. It leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to centralize CRM data and seamlessly carry out sales and marketing processes.

  1. Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation is a multinational company known for manufacturing a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive components, and industrial equipment. Panasonic Group leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to effectively scale various business operations. It has around 2,33,391 employees and its revenue is 30.31 billion USD.

  1. Kinara Capital

Kinara Capital is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) that extends financial assistance to small and micro enterprises and is one of the reputed and budding companies in the Microsoft Dynamics customer list. Kinara leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to achieve secure, seamless, and hyper-connected finance operations for the growing business. It has around 1000 employees.

  1. HSBC Bank

HSBC Bank 

HSBC Bank is the most well-known and multinational bank in the world. It is one of the largest banks in the list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics. HSBC provides a range of financial services including retail banking, wealth management, commercial banking, and investment banking. HSBC Bank leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to improve user experience and collaboration between teams. It has around 232,957 employees and its revenue is 19.45 billion USD.

  1. Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL)

ABFRL is the prominent and top fashion and retail company in India and is one of the well-known organizations in the Microsoft Dynamics customer list. ABFRL has a diverse portfolio and owns some of the well-known brand names. It leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to centralize the data and provide a seamless shopping experience for its customers. ABFRL employs around 187,000 employees and its revenue is 125.3 billion INR.

  1. L’Oreal 


L’Oreal is a multinational cosmetic and beauty company and is a prominent company in the list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics that is operating in over 150 countries. L’Oreal leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to improve operational efficiency, ease the process of troubleshooting, and achieve effective collaboration between employees from different locations and departments. L’Oreal has more than 87,000 employees and its revenue is 38.36 billion Euros.

  1. Hitachi 

Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate company that has its products and services in different industries including mobility, healthcare, construction, machinery, etc. Hitachi is on the list of companies that use Microsoft Dynamics and has a significant global presence. Hitachi Construction Machinery. Co (part of the primary company- Hitachi) leveraged Microsoft Dynamics to streamline its finance and operations and to achieve data-driven management. It has around 30,000 employees with a revenue of 81.577 million yen.

  1. Xiaomi  

Xiaomi Corporation is a multinational electronics company that produces various electronics and smart home devices. Xiaomi has achieved significant global market share and is the top company in the list of companies that use Microsoft Dynamics. It has around 32,000 employees and its revenue is 37.41 billion USD.

How to get access to the above Microsoft Dynamics Customer’s List? 

Do you think the above list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics can add value to your business and give you access to your potential leads? If you are a business whose product/services can complement the solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics, then the present customers/users of Microsoft Dynamics are your highly qualified potential leads.

1. Email database-building strategies

Email database building strategies

Email database building is a long-term process that involves multiple strategies. The Microsoft Dynamics customer list can be developed using a combination of approaches including email marketing, social media sign-up forms, collecting information on website visitors, creating intent-based landing pages for specific target audience groups, conducting offline networking events, etc.

The email-building strategies can give you access to Microsoft Dynamics users, however, it is a long-term process and requires an in-house sales and marketing team and proper budget allocation for each of the strategies chosen.

2. Professional database providers

Professional database providers help businesses with a customized and segmented list of Microsoft Dynamics users. Seeking the help of database providers is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get access to the desired customer list. Authentic database providers update the databases regularly and verify them to ensure a good deliverability rate.

The email list is also verified using a combination of automated and human verification processes that ensure the quality of the email list. Most of the businesses that do not have time to build an in-house time rely on the database vendors as the customer’s list will be delivered within 3-5 business days.

However, choosing the right database vendor is still a challenge as the industry is filled with businesses that fail to deliver the promised quality. If you are a business that requires a Microsoft Dynamics users list on an immediate basis, you can choose the authentic database provider that promises you deliverability and open rates.


Microsoft Dynamics customer list can be a game changer for your business that allows you to connect with high-quality potential leads that are more likely to convert. However, to access the customer’s list, it is crucial to choose from the above strategies that align with your business objectives, time, efforts, and budget.

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