Email marketing has many benefits but also has harsh effects, especially when you assume that nothing can go wrong in your campaign effort. The very first misconception is any campaign can bring 100% response and everything is fair to achieve it. Here are the six biggest misconceptions marketers have and pay heavy price later.

email marketing mistakes


I am the best: You believe you are the best and your email campaign strategy is superior than all other email programs. All that is to be done is shoot your campaign to the subscribers/customers/prospects because they are crazily waiting to hear from you.

All I have to do is make them buy: So what despite sending so many emails your subscribers have not responded even once. After all, they have not opted out. So you keep sending emails to them till they are forced to buy. What matters is to make dollars, that’s it.

I don’t care: You have a list with millions of contacts and good thing is all are opt-in. So what it is not updated since past 6 months, who cares. Once an opt-in is always an opt-in. So just shoot email blast very time. In fact you don’t even have time to remove hard bounces and opt outs.

Just blast them: You have a ready-to-use lists why will you stop from email blast. After all this is how email marketing is done – email blast, blast and blast. Why should you care that may be this is going to hurt your happy customers and those who genuinely are interested in your products and services. This is just an email, your messages can never be irritating.

I know: Why to know about what the clients/competitors/prospects are talking about your company. You know you are the best (refer first point), so you don’t care. You don’t even want to know the current marketing trends, where economy is heading. As you told now that you know everything.

Experience, what’s that?: Yes, our email campaigns are in the hands of fresh sales executives. So what they are freshers and amateur you are sure they will handle it. Email campaign is all about drafting an email message, and hit the ‘Send’ button. That’s it.

a final caveat : Just STAY AWAY from these misconceptions or you will end up in a big mess – impossible to get out of it.

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