Transform Your Email Marketing in 2022 with 9 Strategies

Ever since the dawn of the digital era, email marketing has been used extensively, especially in the B2B sector, for lead generation and lead nurturing that consequently result in conversions. Transition is a part of life, and email marketing is no exception to it. As a marketer in charge of generating leads and ROI from marketing, it’s imperative to add some fresh ideas to your existing plan. Below are few tactics and strategies that will improve your margins and bring desired results.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Marketers are bound to find themselves clueless in the sea of data that is generated after an email campaign. AI can come to their recue by raking through millions of data points to make predictions about how well your email campaign will perform, then alter it automatically to offer you the greatest results possible.

Positive effects of AI in email marketing

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AI can automatically change your email lists, send tailored emails, optimize send times, and write subject lines for you. It can also leverage insights to create suggestions and judgments based on vast datasets, allowing for tailored segmentation at every point of the consumer journey.

2. Personalization & Micro-segmentation

Personalization is at the heart of any email campaign. To create more engaging email content, you’ll need to use all of your data, including personalized subject lines, offers and promotions, content, and even the time of day the email is delivered.

Company's tactics for email marketing


Micro-segments, which segment your audience into even smaller groups for a considerably more personalized experience, should be used in your email marketing. You’ll need to dig deep into your audience’s buying behavior and how they use your site and products, not just their organizational demographics.

3. Welcome Emails

Send welcome email program to all new customers. This will set the right expectation and set the right benchmark for your program. Welcome emails have the highest open rates of any marketing email and offer a great way to communicate with your customers. Welcome emails bring approximately 320% more revenue than marketing emails. These emails also had a whopping 196% click rate and 336% transaction rate.

4. Subject Lines

In any email you send, the subject line is the single most significant piece. That’s because it’s one of the criteria that determines whether or not someone even opens your email, leave aside clicking and consuming it. You must, therefore, make your subject line standout by creating interesting ones. Test all of your subject lines for higher opens, and use the best ones.

5. Emails Testing

Test email on different email clients. It will ensure that all emails open correctly in different environment and platforms. It will also give you important insights about the design elements of the emails. Right from subject lines to preheader tests, to the font and styling, and the use of visuals, testing will reveal everything you need to have right to make your emails more engaging.

6. Responsive Design

Since the use of mobile devices has surpassed desktops and laptops when it comes to viewing emails, it’s critical that your emails look as nice on mobile devices as they do on desktops and laptops. Using responsive design strategies is the best way to accomplish this. The bottom line, therefore, is design emails for mobile and other portable devices.

Devices used to engage with content

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7. User Generated Content

Customers are more likely to trust other customers than they are to trust a company that is attempting to sell them something. All organizations claim that their products and services are fantastic, but if a large number of satisfied consumers agree, they’re far more likely to believe it. Therefore, make sure your email marketing includes user reviews, images of consumers using your products, and customer case studies.

8. Interactivity

Because people’s attention spans are shortening, static emails that demand recipients to sit and read your content are no longer effective. It’s critical to make your emails entertaining if you want customers to open them.

Interactive emails include aspects that consumers can change without having to visit your website, such as a collage of photographs, embedded movies, manipulated sliders, or even games within the email. You can not only enhance the amount of time consumers spend looking at your email – boosting the possibility of a click-through – but you can also guide them through the sales funnel from the start by integrating interactive components.

9. Actionable CTA

The primary goal of CTAs is to redirect your viewers to a landing page where they can be converted. CTAs point your audience in the right direction and compel them to take the action you want.

Your subscribers will be hooked on at each stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness, contemplation, and decision, if your calls to action is well-timed and persuasive.


Email marketing is always changing as a result of new technologies and even external variables such as the influence of the pandemic. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you’ll need to keep up with the current email marketing trends and alter your plans accordingly.

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