Right Way to Add Intelligence in Your B2B Customer Databases

Why Does Your Business Need B2B Customer Databases?

Businesses like yours are leveraging data-driven strategies to challenge the old marketing norms. This includes a cohesive data-awareness culture to encourage Sales and Marketing wings in seeking new perspectives, take risks, and leverage B2B customer databases to establish a close-knit network for businesses. In the current B2B landscape, businesses are striving to maintain, develop and acquire customer data from multiple touch-points leveraging the best data-driven measures.

Today B2B clients are lucid and demanding. They have the power to influence your brand image and the bottom-line like never before. Hence it is imperative for B2B businesses like yours to ensure seamless engagement with clients, influencing client’s opinions on all multichannel touch-points, providing the right product, solution and service knowledge, collecting the right client feedback to address their pain points, reaching various demographics and learning about actionable customer intelligence.

The primary focus of Sales and Marketing is to focus more on converting data into actionable insights and later leveraging these insights to craft personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns – to find new customers, increase customer retention, better understand their needs, and increase the value of each customer.

Add Relevant Intelligence Fields to Your Customer Databases. Ask Us How!


The question you would like to have an answer to is how businesses today are gaining intelligence from customer data and leveraging it to produce revenue generating multi-channel marketing campaigns?

Businesses are always in the search of the right technology and data that will help them cater to the dynamic needs, expectations, and experiences of their prospects and customers. In a scenario wherein emerging technology is giving rise to numerous sources of rich data, businesses are now in the position to develop and execute targeted marketing programs.

Among all emerging data solutions and services, businesses have rated Data appending and Data enhancement services as the number one way to garner intelligence from customer data. Data Appending is a simple process wherein your customer database is matched with a huge repository of customer data to fill missing data or add new data to your database. You can append email, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and so on. You can add new data fields of your choice make your own custom lists. Not surprising, why businesses are in love with data appending. By appending your customer contact records, you can easily gauge how many of your customers might be prospective buyers. It will also help you improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness by providing a unified view of customer profiles and help you to execute and design highly personalized multichannel campaigns.

B2B businesses sell mostly to companies. Hence businesses will expect you to have a single view of prospective companies. Like creating a customer profile which includes fields like Purchase History’, ‘Most Visited Sites Online’, ‘Customer Subscriber Communities, Company profiles include Department wise Employees, Revenue details, Strength, Demography, Current Technologies, and so on. The requirement of each data field varies in nature, size, and industry as per the business. If you understand your business and have a clear understanding of your objectives you know what information you need to make your customer or client feel more special.

What is the route to take for B2B Businesses?

Most businesses consider data to be part of a good business strategy. Over the year’s businesses have realized that identifying the data and metrics that impact on the company’s bottom line which allows marketers to regulate their priorities and preferences. Today businesses’ have become more Data-Driven. Maintaining high quality of Data is more mandatory than ever. Marketers are focusing more on converting data into actionable insights. By leveraging these insights marketers craft personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns to find new customers, increase customer retention, better understand their needs, and increase the value of each customer. Hence the role of Data, even in this strange epoch of digital and traditional marketing remains pivotal.

Managing marketing database is still a major challenge for most of B2B companies. By 2020 most of the sales decisions are expected to be driven by customer database. Businesses have realized that just to save on budgets they cannot afford to land up paying a huge cost at the end. Especially when the bedrock of all multi-channel marketing strategy is data. According to a recent study, 56 % of marketers believe there’s room for improvement in their database strategy. As a long run strategy, businesses will invest more on database services like data appending, data enrichment, data cleansing, data verification, and validation. Clearly, data is dominantly making its roots stronger in your business.


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Span Global Services with over 100 million verified B2B customer records and pro-change strategies stays a step ahead in the competition by ensuring that each and every record of the 42 million data is Email-and-Social-verified. We have conque

red the territory of high-end data services including Data Appending, Profiling, Verification, and Cleansing, in addition to Email lists; List Management. If your business is facing numerous Marketing Database issues our business consulting services can foster and drive your marketing and sales with bespoke outcomes.

We cater to Marketing and Data management Services for diverse industries including:

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Media & Publishing
  • Automobile, Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing

With Span Global Services, the world becomes small for your Business -allowing your business to connect and know prospects and customers globally. Making 1.2 million telephone calls and sending out 10 million verification messages every month, we ensure your customer data is live and up to date! It’s no surprise why 6 of Top 10 B2B data vendors and 30% of the Fortune-500 companies trust our Data Solutions. With Span Global Services let your business connect with the future and make today brighter.




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