The Why and How of Data Cleansing

The Why and How of Data Cleansing

Mukundan A P May 14, 2020

Big Data is the silent champion behind every successful marketing campaign these days. Sales and marketing departments use data exhaustively to get to know their target audiences, track leads, create buyer personas, and personalize customer offerings. But, not all the data that filters through your database is deemed usable. A major chunk of it is […]

Save Marketing Dollars With a Data Audit

Save Marketing Dollars With a Data Audit

Every business today relies on data to make strategic decisions. But, have you ever wondered how reliable and accurate your customer database is? A report published by Experian concludes that 93% of business leaders acknowledge that data is instrumental for a company’s success. However, 66% of those lack a proper understanding of how to achieve […]

5 Priority Attributes to Say that Your Database Segmentation Game is on Point

Despite advancements in marketing technology, channel marketing and interactivity, the one consistent thing that customers expect from marketers is – Value. Genuine value – that is tangible and quantifiable! Get this on point, and your marketing and sales results will be on track. Value is something that has a different meaning to each client. While […]

Why Businesses Are Buried under their Own Data: Answers @ Dreamforce 2016

Data – world’s imminent concern after human population and global warming! Not only because it’s increasing at an exponential rate, but also that people (and businesses) can’t seemingly get enough of it. We are adding more and more channels to our data input media (wearable devices, IoT etc.) and making data research, collection, and analysis […]

Smart Data Summit is Discussing Big Data. Where Else Would We Be!

Why Big Data is not big with businesses? How Data Virtualization helps in making businesses more user-friendly? Can Dynamic Performance Optimization reduce the redundancy factor of Big Data? What is the function of Self-Service Business Intelligence tools in Big Data analytics? These were just a few amongst the many questions that were discussed today in […]

Recognize the Responsive Trend in Technology Lead Generation

Customers are going mobile but they are tired of downloading hundreds of apps to just get reviews of different brands. On these grounds, prospects and visitors are left with only one choice – search engines. HubSpot reports on mobile-path-to-purchase confirm this trend. So, 48% + 33% statistics going against apps (designed specifically for portable devices) […]

Marc Benioff launches his new analytics software called ‘Wave’ at Dreamforce 2014—and there’s a smart watch on its way

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, on Tuesday, released his company’s cloud analytics software platform—WAVE. He made the release at the company’s annual conference held at San Francisco-Dreamforce. It is Salesforce’s first business intelligence and data analytics software. He has a very specific reason for launching this product, especially when there is a huge […]

5 top tips to tackle Big data – Part 2

A report from Forrester Research reveals that over 45% of big data deployments are for marketing. However, this doesn’t mean that Marketing should own marketing data and technology all by itself. The marketing teams should recognize the skills IT brings to big data technology choices and deployment. It hence becomes more important for the CMOs […]

5 top tips to tackle Big Data – Part 1

It’s the Big Data era with a great potential for growth, since only less than 10% of companies are using their data in a systematic manner. Web analytics have begun to mature into digital analytics, and the most efficient database marketing strategies are increasingly embraced by digital marketing. To that end, marketers are now able […]