• Is your email marketing program loosing its sheen, despite doing the regular improvements?
  • How do you make real changes to your email marketing program?

As a marketer in charge of generating leads and ROI from maketing, it’s imperative to add some fresh ideas to your existing plan.  Below are few tactics and strategies that will improve your margins and bring desired results.

  1. Create personlized messages tailored to seperate customer groups. It could be based on purchase history, location, title, SIC code, Industry, etc.
  2. Send welcome email program to all new customers. This will set the right expectation and set the right benchmark for your program
  3. Make your subjet line standout by creating interesting subject lines
  4. Test your subject line for higher opens, and use the best ones
  5. Test email on different email clients. It will ensure that all emails open correctly in different enviornment and platforms
  6. Design email for mobile and other portable devices
  7. Use relevant, and compelling copy in your creatives and support documents.  This will prompt people to act on it.
  8. Position your email on a better level than your competitors. 
  9. Inject some unique personlity in the email. This will make your email stand out and get attention.
  10. Make it easy for subsribers to act on the email. The topic should be clear and focused
Author - Span Global Services
Span Global Services Author at Span Global Services

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