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Span Global Services, leader in cutting-edge marketing, data management services, provides strategic marketing consultation for large organizations to SMBs.

We provide tailor-made marketing services to companies in search of novel marketing solutions. The end-to-end solutions provided by us are based on market study, research and build with years of perfection.

Our services include:

Marketing Strategy Creation: Develop innovative marketing programs to draw the right audience

Implement Marketing Programs: Complete manpower and technical support for any marketing related projects

Create Content Marketing Strategy: Find,  develop relevant content, and share content through different media

Virtual Sales Support: Reduce your business overheads by outsourcing a part of your customer or sales team

Data Maintenance and Quality Check: Evaluate data quality through tele-verification and also through automated data validation

Bottom line:

With our consultation, you can learn new marketing techniques, gain more insights from your data or implement low-cost-marketing plan. We help you excel by getting beyond what you see in your markets, by providing rich data insights, to data customer intelligence programs.

Learn how we can reduce your marketing budget by a third through digital marketing initiatives. Call us at 877-837-4884 for a no-obligation marketing or data consultation.

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