Identify Top 10 and Best B2B Data Providers for Your Business

What is B2B data?

Business-to-business data consists of a business-related database that can be used to escalate your sales and marketing campaigns to build and expand lead generation outcomes. Whether it’s demographic or technographic information, it helps your businesses identify high-quality prospects. Technographic data will help in creating a segmented target audience for better business insights and to enhance B2B sales.

Who uses B2B contact data and for what purpose?

who using b2b data companies

B2B data is mainly used by sales and marketing people to accurately target and engage with active ideal buyers. This intent data is a safe mode for successful ABM campaigns. Reaching out to purchase managers or manufacturers in a cost-efficient way to understand their persona will help to prioritize outreach campaigns.

What is the need for B2B data?

B2B data is a vital asset for growing your sales and lead pipeline by creating a segmented list of lead data using technographic information. Prospecting for new buyers and sourcing B2B insights is fundamental for businesses. The identifying target audience for generating quality leads crafts compelling content. B2B data is pivotal for smarter and better marketing.

What is B2B data enrichment?


B2B data enrichment is the process of aggregating layers of available information of your customers. In this process, data from a third-party source is integrated with an already existing database of customer details. Here, the B2B data is augmented with additional details to maintain and enhance your lead list.

CRM enrichment improves the contact data and accounts by importing data from different sources into your CRM system. Data enrichment can be used for:

  • Lead scoring and building a better profile to nurture insights and indicate interests.
  • Increasing the conversion rate by reducing the number of form fields.
  • Growing personalization by providing the right content based on the right challenges.
  • Hyper targeting segmented customers through insights from customer interactions.
  • Empower demand generation by identifying buying signals from existing customers.
  • Predict churn based on customer behavior and ensure the satisfaction of current customers.

What are the different types of B2B databases?


  • Paid B2B database: A paid B2B database is a ready-to-use database of lead contacts bought quickly and easily from an external vendor.
  • In-house database: An in-house database is a database that is created and managed by the business instead of purchasing it from another source. Making use of various online tools, the data enhancement and data enrichment for cleansed data need to be taken care of by the business itself. An in-house database is time-consuming and laborious when compared to paid B2B database.
  • Consensual database: The data in the consensual database is collected mainly through business interactions and relationships. Other businesses provide their contact information through sign-ups, which can be later acquired from data vendors. This type of B2B database has a moderate level of engagement and conversion rate.

Which are the best B2B data providers for your business?

We have put together a list of the best B2B data providers after comparing data vendors and other companies. These are the top 10 B2B data providers that made the cut:

1.Span Global Services 

Span Global Services is the leading industry for business email lists and sales leads mailing lists. They specialize in fueling B2B sales and data-driven marketing insights to boost sales revenue. They provide special data consultancy services with their data solution experts for running an email campaign. They have been a marketing solution provider for more than 15 years and are still noteworthy with their paramount importance in this growing field. Their database management system puts insights into every campaign to provide accurate, refined, updated and validated data of your target customers.

Span Global Services provide B2B email marketing lists as per the following categories:

Check out the data we have accumulated is a global sales acceleration platform with a leading B2B database and marketing products. They have access to millions of business data compiled from several public sources across multiple industries. They have a robust CRM integration process built for modern marketers and sales teams to hit their desired target. With 100 million contact information, they are one of the prominent competitors in the field.

Approx. prices and subscription cost:

Billed Monthly: 

Basic – $49/month

Growth – $149/month

Billed Annually: 

Basic – $39/month

Growth – $129/month

3.Ampliz Salesbuddy:

Ampliz Salesbuddy provides B2B contact information of key decision-makers from around the world. They compile data for businesses and consumers with information acquired from several reliable sources such as:

  • Government records
  • B2B directories
  • Public Record Information
  • Annual Reports, SEC Filings
  • Sign-up data from email campaigns
  • Websites and other branded websites

Demographics profiles of subscribers and clients are created with the collected data. Ampliz ensures that the collected data remains the property of the customers and maintains all data in a carrier-class secure facility that is protected by firewalls and other security systems. Statistical information is gathered using single-pixel images to count web page accesses. Ampliz offers a safe marketing environment that is free of unsolicited commercial emails.

4.Lake B2B:

Lake B2B is a data-driven marketing platform that leverages growing database B2B customers. They monitor millions of online interactions and account-based content interactions by tracking campaigns and behavioral trends. They have an extension mix of demand generation solutions with predictive analysis. Their multi-layered intent matched with the lead data ensures maximum ROI.

Lake B2B collects data automatically through website cookies, web beacons, viewed web pages, domain name, and the referring URL.

Lake B2B’s policy for sharing personal information:

  • Site visitors – Identity will be made available if you post a comment on a blog or other public area of the site.
  • Upon request – When content is requested from them or is presented with a telemarketing survey.
  • Service providers – Information may be disclosed to third-party vendors, contractors, or other service providers.
  • Business transfers – If PureB2B is merged with another organization, all the assets will be transferred to them.
  • Legal processes – Gathered information may be disclosed in response to legal processes to comply with the law.


Zoominfo is a global leader in market intelligence solutions and they specialize in sales intelligence, marketing intelligence, contact data, lead generation, improved prospecting, business contacts, and Account-Based Marketing. They create profiles of business people and companies, and collect business information and combine multiple mentions of the same company. They empower business-to-business sales and marketing and are a major tool to identify hierarchies of a company. Zoominfo has been named as a top place to work for B2B solutions by many publications

Zoominfo gathers information for public profiles in various ways such as:

  • Publicly available information is collected by scanning the web using search technology.
  • Licensing data from other companies.
  • Users may contribute business information about themselves or other companies.
  • The in-house research team conducts market research surveys and telephonic interviews.


Salesify is a six-time INC. 5000 ranked company, the global market leader in demand generation. They offer a custom-built B2B email database, lead generation, CRM cleansing, and appending services. They offer data-driven marketers with critical B2B customer intelligence services. They have helped many customers find their targeted audience and reach their business goals. They gather essential data to improve the customer service experience. Some of their prime customers are Aqua Security, Adaptive Insights, Bloomberg, and Datawatch, etc.

Some of the key services provided by Salesify are:

  • Enrichment – Ensures customer data integrity
  • Connect – Get in touch with high-quality leads
  • Lead generation – Generating valuable leads for expanding revenue
  • Profile – Offers Account-Based Marketing and Strategic Account Management
  • Converge – Helps identify and prioritize your target account list


Leadspace helps build demand generation technology and process. They provide intelligence solutions for data management, inbound leads, outbound leads, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). They focus on practicing effective sales and marketing practices with their leading B2B customer data platform. They help get ideal customers through an accurate and personalized engagement system.

The collected personal information is used for the following purposes:

  • To operate, enable, and access the data management services to drive B2B sales results and to draw marketing and sales insights.
  • To improve the customer experience.
  • For sending service-related updates and announcements.
  • To protect the rights of their employees, users, and business partners.
  • To enforce legal terms.
  • For taking action in cases of dispute.
  • To prevent fraud, identity theft, misappropriation, cyber-attacks, and other similar activities.
  • To comply with the law enforcement agencies

8.Matrix Marketing:

Matrix Marketing provides convenient and cost-effective access to sales leads’ data. They help start-ups and other small businesses with digital marketing services. They help generate leads for the most engaging types of content to boost their sales revenue. They have a collective of experts who help market their sales with their B2B customer data. They help identify and locate customers and leverage the strength of the sales team. They also provide precise customer profiling with in-depth research and analysis.

Benefits of using Matrix Marketing’s data:

  • Save time with ready-to-use leads data
  • Real and useable contact details information
  • Access to sales management tools
  • Increase sales by targeting the right audience
  • Connect with decision-makers from around the world
  • Find relevant information of top companies
  • Up-to-date accurate leads data


LeadSift is one of the most actionable providers of comprehensive intent data. They deliver a daily digest of relevant leads which has been mined from publicly available information. They are a sales intelligence platform that generates leads from the public web. They find the top-ranking alternatives based on 28350 verified user reviews and monitors public mentions of competitors’ content and quality. They provide prospects along with intent data and enable you to track the people who show intent to other competitors. They also identify personal-level insights and combines data mining, machine learning, and AI.

Benefits of LeadSift’s intent data:

  • Identify the right people showing actionable intent
  • Email nurture prioritization and personalization
  • Laser-focused outbound leads prospecting
  • Leads pushed directly to your sales and marketing tools
  • Get alert when leads from already existing accounts show intent
  • Track pipeline contribution


EasyLeadz helps you to power sales growth with their business data. They build highly accurate and customized B2B database and sales intelligence with competing tools. They help identify the right prospects and reach out to decision-makers and also track sales signals. They allow you to enrich and verify business profiles and engage with leads, contacts, and other candidates. They provide custom data as per your ideal customer personas like job titles and location. Their output consists of firmographic and demographic profiles of ideal customers. They have an accuracy of more than 95% and ensure high-quality delivery.

How is the collected information provided to them used?

  • Their website services and information will be provided to you
  • Perform data analysis including administrations and internal operations
  • Manage access to website services
  • Notify when an update is available
  • Estimate audience size and usage patterns
  • Store information about preferences
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Customize services according to individual interests

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