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Data is always required whenever you intend to run a campaign for promoting your brand. Scanning customer information manually might be taxing for your resources as well as it requires excessive hours. Span Global Services can aid marketers find their audiences within shortest time with vetted and verified leads lists and contact addresses. Our direct mail marketing databases is an effective guide to promote your services or products. Executing a direct mail campaign often highlights small or medium sized businesses. According to the statistics offered by Compu Mail, in the year 2015 23% people in US have bought or ordered something due to receiving direct promotional mails. Although, direct mailing campaigns are a little expensive than other ways of marketing, it often generates a great revenue at the end in many nations till date. We believe that our mailing list gives you abundant information which can facilitate your way of reaching out to your targeted customers.

Data from Compu Mail predicted that by the year 2020, the cumulative spends for marketing shall rise up to $1.4 million. Marketing veterans keep on experimenting on the kinds of promotions they roll out to the prospects via mails. By getting access to customized business mailing lists you can be rest assured that your corporate goals shall be met with precision.

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Utility of Our Tailor-made Business Mailing Lists and Data Banks in Your Brand Promotional Endeavors

When you have a defined set of audiences in mind for brand promotion, marketing through direct mails can be the best option. However, it is difficult to put together an exhaustive database which consists of even the minute information relating to the prospects. This can be hectic and complicated. Span Global Services does this tedious job for you. Our data experts understand your business requirements and carry out the market research to give you full access to information you need for such niche campaigns. Each of these data have been collated from credible channels like government listings, yellow pages, business research papers, seminars etc. The direct mailing lists get further checked and updated at regular periods of time to remove discrepancies. Furthermore, our permission-based email marketing lists have been chosen by many entrepreneurs all over the world.

For some nations email campaigns prove to be difficult as they have stringent data regulations and measures. To target future buyers of such countries you can easily adopt direct marketing promotions for offering exposure to your products or services. Sales incentives offered via these campaigns can boost sales of your products. You can gain access to mailing lists by industries specifically for further assistance on your campaign planning. Be it B2B mailing lists or B2C mailing list our data services can offer a momentum to your overall promotional initiative. Another add-on which we can give you is that, none of the details in these marketing databases are irrelevant. You get exactly what you have invested for, which means value for money on our part. So be systematic and prompt in your approach, get in touch with our representatives today to buy mailing lists.

Key Benefits of Our Mailing Databases and Lists

  • Our massive B2C mailing database gives you only specific details about companies and professionals whom you wish to target for your marketing initiatives.
  • We are extremely careful about regularly updating these mailing addresses, so that your promotions shall reach the right places at the right time.
  • You can expect prompt responses from your prospects which can elevate your sales along with giving your brand the necessary exposure in the market.

You can also enhance your existing consumer records by utilizing our email append service. Make a move and contact us today to get access to relevant information for strategizing your direct marketing promotions. Call at (877) 755-0023 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at [email protected] for more information on pricing.


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