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Email bounces occur when the emails sent are not delivered to the recipient. It can be caused by a number of reasons. There are 2 main types of email bounces: hard bounces and soft bounces.

A hard bounce occurs when the email is returned because the recipient’s address is invalid. It can occur if the domain name is invalid; recipient is unknown or due to a network problem.

A soft bounce occurs when the email reaches the inbox, but bounces back before it reaches the recipient. This can happen due to a full mailbox, or has very little storage space.

Email bounces can hinder the success of your marketing campaigns and it is very important for marketers to take corrective action for this. Here are some steps you can implement to reduce the rate of your bounces.

• Check out how your list service vendor handles the bounces.
• Once you get the information from the vendor, check for yourself how many addresses are bouncing and who they are.
• Once you get a soft bounce, resend it a few more times before considering it a hard bounce.
• Temporary soft bounces should be attempted again for sending and the same applies for ‘Out of Office’ emails.
• Take at least a month’s time before invalidating any record from your database.
• It is also a good idea to connect to prospects through other channels if their email address does not really work.
• You should always consider testing your email campaigns before starting the. This will certainly help to reduce the number of bounce-backs

Below are some examples of hard bounce codes with the description of the error.

5.1.2 – Bad destination host ‘DNS Hard Error’
550 – No such user – Administrative prohibition
5.1.1- Unknown or illegal alias
5.1.0- Unknown address error

Email bounce backs are undoubtedly irritating and can bring the flow of your marketing to a halt. However, by exercising little caution and strategies, you can surely reduce them to great extent to ensure the success of your campaigns.

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