Identify What Your Cardiology Market Contacts Want
Then Use Segmentation and Personalization to Convert Them

Stop assuming and plan your go-to-market
with accurate lead data.

Proven Capabilities to Drive Higher Conversions

Some of the top fortune 500 enterprises rely on our expertise to reach and convert their leads.

Based out of NJ, the USA, we offer our expert services across the globe.
We are a highly trusted name in the field of data for the past 2 decades.

Owners Feel Smarter

When Campaigns Get Smart, Brand Owners Feel Smarter

What we can do together:

Extend your reach to over 4.6M+ healthcare B2B records

900+ specialties and titles

412k+ global contacts

90% Deliverability Guaranteed

Begin Precision Targeting of your Total Available Customers in the Cardiology Market.

Discover your most prospective Cardiology market customer contacts by specialty, email, phone, address, designation, NPI, graduation year, state license, certifications etc..


Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Cardiovascular Disease (Cardiologist)
Cardiovascular Surgery
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Interventional Cardiologist
Nuclear Cardiologist
Pediatrics – Cardiologist
Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)
Cardiac Cath Lab Director
Cardiology Director
Physical Therapist – Cardiopulmonary
Registered Nurse – Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiology Technician
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist
Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology

  • Which Segment are you Targeting: B2B or B2C
  • Employee Size of the Target Firms
  • Qualified and Unqualified Industries
  • Target Countries
  • Target Titles
  • Target Specific Skill / Expertise
  • Keyword Titles
  • Selective CRM Fields
  • Brand or Product Showcase
  • Exclusion Companies or De-Dupe (Net New)
  • Numbers of Contacts from Company
    (HQ Contacts/Region-Based Contacts)

Personalize a Plan
Specifically Aligned With Your Growth Marketing Needs

Lead generation

Lead generation

Website development

Website development

Social media Marketing

Social media Marketing

Database Management

Database Management


(SEO, PPC, online reputation)

Creatives Development

Creative Development & Digital Asset creations

App Development

App Development

Download a preview capability deck to build your effective lead funnel plan.

Turn Your Visitors Into Customers From
Cardiology Industry

Power Of Accurate Contacts

Understand how your top Cardiology industry decision-makers are researching for solutions online.
Show your ads to website visitors as they browse online and bring them back to convert

Online Behavior

Unlock how your Cardiology industry customers navigate online and exhibit their purchase intent.
Build intuitive and contextually relevant sales landing pages and emails with signup forms.

Target Food

Uncover on which channels are your Cardiology industry customers actively available and reach them.
Drive greater engagement by creating marketing assets for blogs, forums, groups, and more.

Let’s Make Headway by Answering some Basic Questions First:

Have you understood how your Cardiology market customers are researching online?

Have you identified the online channels on which your Cardiology industry customers exist?

Hear it from our growth marketing experts.
Find out how you can create personalized journeys for your Cardiology decision-makers.

What Goes Into Making a Unique Lead Generation Funnel?

This is how you can reach your top Cardiology industry decision-makers.

Learn how to design and automate the perfect online customer journeys

Show up whenever your Cardiology customer groups are searching with their keywords of interest and affinity on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and other avenues.

Build a different landing page for each group and create content focusing on keywords that are relevant for every customer segment.

Position your product, solution, or service offering and brand as a subject matter expert with complete awareness of topics that appeal to your customer groups.

Deliver content that is explanatory and educative with infographic images, videos, statistics, and more through multiple landing pages and journeys.


First Create Customer Segment Groups of Cardiology Lead Contacts to Serve Personalized Content.

What Our Personalized Demo Covers:

  • How to get lead data of your top buyers or customers.
  • Device the perfect sales funnel to convert new contacts.
  • Reactivate old contacts that have stagnated in your CRM.
  • Identify how your contacts traverse for solutions online.
  • Drive online advertising budgets knowing buying signals and intent.
  • Create high-converting, personalized emails and sales landing pages.

What if you could achieve the following?

  • Help you gain new contacts and new high-value deals.
  • Match every step of your customer’s online buying journey.
  • Create sales funnels that lead your customers to take action.
  • Spot your potential customer’s buying habits and patterns.
  • Pull up purchase intent data and insights on customer priority.
  • Increase sales by driving response from your target audience.

Cardiology Industry Focused
“Sales Funnel & Lead Strategy Session.”

Discover specialized digital marketing opportunities that are best suited to drive conversations with Cardiology industry decision-makers.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing

Use our data partner programs to target and secure relevant company domain contacts.

Webinar Marketing

Webinar Marketing

Leverage our data partner programs to target and secure relevant company domain contacts.


Email Marketing & Nurturing

Create a personalized tour of your brand and your solutions with email invites.

This is how you can improve your messaging, positioning, and promotions with our data-driven marketing insights.

The Top Industry Decision Makers Rely On Our Insights

Tell us if you are one of them.

Take up our quick pre-consultation questionnaire to 10X your reach among top Cardiology customers.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Clinical research

Clinical Research Companies

Medical laboratories

Medical Laboratories

Managed Care Organization

Managed Care Organization

Medical Device

Medical Device & Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Suppliers

Medical Device & Equipment Suppliers

Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology Companies

Staffing agencies

Recruiters & Staffing agencies

Health insurance Agencies

Health Insurance Agencies

Long Term Care Centers

Long Term Care Centers

Hospital Marketers

Hospital Marketers

Publishing Companies

Publishing Companies


Medical Association

Medical Association

Education Providers

Continuing Medical Education Providers

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Hospital & Clinic

Hospital & Clinic

Healthcare Information Technology Services

Healthcare Information Technology Services

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Health & Wellness & Fitness

Health & Wellness & Fitness

1. What’s your ideal customer persona’s buying journey like?

Help us understand who our top customer is.

That’s exactly where their buying journey begins.

1. What does your ideal customer do?

Below are some examples of how you can choose to classify target customers.

2. Have any other in mind?

Describe in detail who your ideal customer is.
Classify them in the order of priority

(Have more customer personas in mind? The more, the merrier. Bring them to our notice.)

2. Explain what triggers or causes your ideal customer to take an action?

1. Your customer belongs to any specific industry?

Tell us about the very specific end-user segments of your ideal customers.

2. Does your ideal customer have a specific business function challenge?

Tell us about the key obstacles that your customers are trying really hard to overcome.

3. Help us imagine why your target personas go on discovery & what are they trying to discover?

Is your ideal customer someone who has niche expertise or skill that they provide?
Example Departments:

Mention any other business function or department that your target customer belongs to.

4. After they discover you, what are the next steps to engage with your customer?

1. What type of gated content would your target audience like to see? Example –

Mention any other business function or department that your target customer belongs to.

2. What are the multiple touch-points that we can use to reach your target customer

Mention any sources you feel are relevant.

5. What are the different aspects that the ideal customer looks for while making a purchase consideration?

1. Does your ideal customer belong to specific geography?

If yes – what are the most promising geographies/territories where your customers exist?

2. What are they typically researching online for which you want to show up?

Mention all the keywords here:

Exploring Your Growth Marketing Needs

Which of these below capabilities do you have in-house right now vs. outsourcing to any agency?

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