Do Not Call Policy

Span Global Services does not place marketing telephone calls to numbers appearing on a state or federal Do Not Call list (unless permitted by applicable law) or to the number of a person who has requested not to receive calls made by or on behalf of Span.

If you ask not to receive calls from us, you will be placed on our internally-maintained Do Not Call list and will not be called during any future campaigns within the next five years (or any longer period required by applicable law). Any request to be placed on our internally-maintained Do Not Call list will be processed within a reasonable amount of time.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Internal Do Not Call Policy, you may contact:

As a responsible marketing company, we respect your choice to not receive telemarketing calls. We are DMA members, and as a condition of membership, are required to suppress the phone numbers of individuals who have registered on the federal government’s Do Not Call (DNC) Registry and those who have notified the DMA that they do not want to receive telemarketing calls. As a DMA member, Lake B2B subscribes to and suppresses any phone number on the DMA’s Telephone Preference Service file from its telemarketing lists.

About the Do-Not-Call-Policy

The FTC and FCC do-not-call registries, and the state do-not-call registry allow consumers to enroll in a registry that is designed to prohibit telemarketers from calling the registrants' homes, but not all classes of businesses are covered. In fact, the laws exempt certain categories of businesses.

Among companies exempted from the state list are those engaged in the business of insurance. The FTC also exempts companies engaged in the business of insurance while the FCC does not. A consumer can enroll on both federal and state lists. In fact, a consumer enrolled on the state list will be automatically enrolled on the FTC list, and vice versa. Being enrolled on both gives a consumer the greatest reduction in telemarketer calls. The FTC has a feature that allows a consumer to verify whether his telephone number has been properly included on the list.

The do-not-call registry applies to companies selling consumer goods or services over the telephone, although certain companies and certain business conditions may exempt companies from the law. These include calls:

  • By a consumer
  • In connection with an established business relationship
  • Involving a terminated business relationship not older than one year
  • Between a telemarketer and a business, other than by a fax solicitation
  • To collect a debt
  • From non-profit organizations and charities not making commercial telephone solicitations
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