Planning Your Healthcare Campaign to Take-Off?

Social and Google Analytics is not enough to give
you an accurate picture of their needs.

You need accurate healthcare customer intent and
buying insights.

Take Your Healthcare Industry Audience Targeting Many Notches Higher
  • Discover the most affordable way to constantly build and update the health care industry customer context.
  • Launch well-defined and personalized healthcare industry persona-based conversion journeys.
  • Get a pre-qualified set of your hottest healthcare industry leads from the total buyer universe.
  • Choose from 110+ insight fields to track down your ideal healthcare indusrtry decision-makers.
Example of insights available:
Research Intent Technology Budgets
Acquisitions Past Buying Trends
Accreditation Needs Employee Size & Revenue
Get Your Timing Right Before You Come Knocking.
Know Your Ideal Healthcare Customers.

Unique Conversion

Healthcare Lead Generation

Your Customer’s Inbox and
Online Presence is Sacred

Get healthcare lead generation basics right.

Find customer contacts based on geo-targeted lists, specific IT and software spends, turnover benchmarks, specific challenges, and more.

Identify potential new website visitors who are eager to know more about your healthcare offerings and then personalize communication to drive response.

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We Have Earned Our Bragging Rights

Global leaders depend on our purchase intent-driven
marketing and sales services.


Choose a Winning Framework for Every Unique Conversion Event

Our growth marketing experts can help you brew new conversations. We can help you craft unique conversion journeys based on your conversion goals.

Have you checked if your email campaigns are lead-data aware and lead leakage proof?

Here are some of the many different healthcare idustry conversion events that you can launch with our email drip campaign capabilities.

Subscribing to Email Newsletter Online Product Demo Session
Sign-up For a Free Trial Solution Or Service Benefits Download
Webinar Registration Use Case Application Awareness

Connect with our email lead gen specialists to know how to brew the most engaging conversations with your top customers.

Unique Conversion



What would you give to make the following happen?

An overview of what you can achieve with healthcare cross-channel marketing.

Make sense of healthcare industry customer engagements, triggers, and conversion events.
See exactly which marketing campaign sent the customer to your site and strategize the next steps.

Accurately identify how many healthcare industry customers or leads you can target.
Create unique customer or ideal buyer groups to design personalized healthcare campaign journeys.

Target specific company accounts and identify all employees visiting your page.
Use multiple marketing touchpoints to drive action from employees of specific company accounts.

Join us to discover a winning framework with multi-channel marketing.

Campaigns to Conversions

The many ways we can lead your ideal healthcare industry decision makers
towards the desired action.

Lead generationLead generation

Website developmentWebsite development

Social media MarketingSocial media Marketing

Database ManagementDatabase Management

online reputation)

Digital Asset creationsCreatives Development & Digital Asset creations

App DevelopmentApp Development

Turn Your Targeted Healthcare Industry Web Visitors
Into Customers for Life

Healthcare Visitors

esearch for solutions online

Understand how your healthcare industry decision-makers’ research for solutions online.
Show your ads to website visitors as they browse online and bring them back to convert.

purchase intent

Unlock how your healthcare industry customers navigate online and exhibit purchase intent.
Build intuitive and contextually relevant sales landing pages and emails with signup forms.

customers active

Identify on which social channels are your healthcare industry customers active.
Drive greater engagement by creating marketing assets for blogs, forums, groups, and more.

Spur Website Visits and Conversations
Around Your Healthcare Industry Offerings

Unlock the wealth of knowledge about specific landing pages and features that your ideal healthcare industry profiles show interest in.

What Our Personalized Demo Covers:

  • How to get lead data of your top buyers or customers.
  • Device the perfect sales funnel to convert new contacts.
  • Reactivate old contacts that have stagnated in your CRM.
  • Identify how your contacts traverse for solutions online.
  • Drive online advertising budgets knowing buying signals and intent.
  • Create high-converting, personalized emails and sales landing pages.

What can we help you achieve:

  • Help you gain new contacts and new high-value deals.
  • Match every step of your customer’s online buying journey.
  • Create sales funnels that lead your customers to take action.
  • Spot your potential customer’s buying habits and patterns.
  • Pull up purchase intent data and insights on customer priority.
  • Increase sales by driving response from your target audience.

First, create customer segment groups of your top healthcare industry lead contacts to serve personalized content.

Healthcare Industry Focused
“Sales Funnel & Lead Strategy Session.”

Discover specialized digital marketing opportunities that are
best suited to drive conversations with eye care industry decision-makers.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing

Use our data partner programs to target and secure relevant company domain contacts.

Webinar Marketing

Webinar Marketing

Increase event attendees, engagement & content consumption with webinars.


Email Marketing & Nurturing

Create a personalized tour of your brand and your solutions with email invites.

Take up our quick questionnaire and improve your messaging, positioning,
and promotions with our data-driven marketing insights.

1. What’s your ideal customer persona’s buying journey like?

Help us understand who our top customer is.

That’s exactly where their buying journey begins.

1. What does your ideal customer do?

Below are some examples of how you can choose to classify target customers.

2. Have any other in mind?

Describe in detail who your ideal customer is.
Classify them in the order of priority

(Have more customer personas in mind? The more, the merrier. Bring them to our notice.)

2. Explain what triggers or causes your ideal customer to take an action?

1. Your customer belongs to any specific industry?

Tell us about the very specific end-user segments of your ideal customers.

2. Does your ideal customer have a specific business function challenge?

Tell us about the key obstacles that your customers are trying really hard to overcome.

3. Help us imagine why your target personas go on discovery & what are they trying to discover?

Is your ideal customer someone who has niche expertise or skill that they provide?
Example Departments:

Mention any other business function or department that your target customer belongs to.

4. After they discover you, what are the next steps to engage with your customer?

1. What type of gated content would your target audience like to see? Example –

Mention any other business function or department that your target customer belongs to.

2. What are the multiple touch-points that we can use to reach your target customer

Mention any sources you feel are relevant.

5. What are the different aspects that the ideal customer looks for while making a purchase consideration?

1. Does your ideal customer belong to specific geography?

If yes – what are the most promising geographies/territories where your customers exist?

2. What are they typically researching online for which you want to show up?

Mention all the keywords here:

Exploring Your Growth Marketing Needs

Which of these below capabilities do you have in-house right now vs. outsourcing to any agency?

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