No of Records_18035



Company Records Contact Records
NetSuite Users 3,582 5,752
MS Dynamics ERP Users 6,779 10,507
Oracle Cloud Users 646 1,776

Project Description

Target Audience: NetSuite Users, MS Dynamics ERP Users & Oracle Cloud Users

Company Size : Under $500M in Revenue

Titles : Tax Managers/Directors, CFOs & Controllers

Additional Field Requirement : Tax Department size

Total No. of Leads : 11,007 Companies with 18,035 contacts

Exclusions : Accounting firms & Law firms

Personalize Actions For Contacts

How we help drive sales and marketing campaigns with an actionable database of decision-makers.

Nurture All Potential Contacts

We have identified the most prospective ERP User job functions for your omni-channel marketing campaigns in Global.

Reach those who want to be your customers and growth partners through multi-channel engagements.

Email Campaigns / Surveys

Social Outreach

Tele-Marketing Campaigns

Offsite Teams (Demand Generation, Staffing, IT support etc.)

Webinars / Virtual Events

Digital Marketing

Global B2B Executive
Data Cards From
Span Global Services

The Best Way To Scale-Up
Your Sales & Marketing ROI

Launch highly targeted multi-channel demand generation
campaign for the domain.

Bigger than Zoominfo

Extensive Data Capture

We Have You Covered From End-to-end

Some of our form capture fields include:

  • Company
  • Web Address
  • Contact Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Contact Email
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Primary Industry
  • SIC Code
  • Employees
  • Sales/Revenue

Premium Data Attributes:

  • Company Status
  • Year Founded
  • IT Spend
  • Direct Dial
  • Contact Social Media URL
  • Company Social Media URL

Available in Formats Including:

Email Marketing

Tele Marketing

Direct Mail





Ask our ERP users decision-maker growth marketing experts how you can customize data.