The Top Merger And Acquisition
Spotlight Of 2021

Eager to unearth the latest and top acquisitions that have been triggered by growth forecast?

Now you can understand more about the M&A triggers and the growth considerations behind these decisions.

Your growth can also be influenced by insights from these newly acquired companies.

Understand what motivated the following Mergers & Acquisitions

Understand the customer landscape, IP innovation, and the new tech adoption trends in these newly acquired companies and the acquirer enterprises.

Company Acquisition and Merger Insights

Acquiree Name Acquirer Name Announced Date
Wickr Amazon Web Services June 25, 2021
Objective Manager Litera July 1, 2021
Green Mile Descartes Systems Group July 8, 2021
Capsule8 Sophos July 7, 2021

How can these insights fast-track your lead prospecting?

Because there are multiple factors that play a role in any acquisition, your growth too depends upon keeping up with the trends of the market.

Identify The Needs Of Companies That Want To Acquire Instead Of Building a New Structure.

  • Understand The Number of Clients That These Companies Serve.
  • Get A Grip On The Type Of Technologies, IPs They Have Launched.
  • Number of Technology Modules/Version Used By The Organization.
  • Uncover The Number of Projects And Types Served By The Organization.
  • Know Who Different Investor Companies Are Involved As Stakeholders.
  • Understand What Stakes These Investors Hold and What Motivates Them.

Find Out What Kind Of Intellectual Property The Acquirer Companies Are Interested Along With Your Tech Insights And Lead Data Session.

Tell Us What Kind Of Companies And Professionals You Are Looking To Target.

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Think Your Product And Experience Offering Is Unique Enough To Catch These Investors’ Attention?

Take A Look At Our Invertors’ Portfolio To Decode Their Intent With Our Well Segmented Investors Database.

Find Investors Segmented By:

Investment Stage Companies
Seed 21438
Early Stage Venture 11320
Late Stage Venture 3503
Venture 2107
Private Equilty 3857
Crowdfunding 378
Debt 887
Grant 299
Non Equity Assistance 299
Convertible Note 695
Secondary Market 382
Post-Ipo 262
Initial Coin Offering 205

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You Can Also Get A Breakdown Of Investors Based On:

  • Revenues
  • Employees
  • US State Wise
  • Country Wise
  • Industry Wise
  • Investments At Finding
  • Investment Type
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