Meet #1 Growth Partner For Digital Marketing
Agencies and Top Sales & Marketing Solution Providers

Own your white label lead data platform and
provide a continuous pipeline of opportunities to your customers

Pitch the best industry use cases to clients from different industries and professional domains
Position yourself as a custodian of the world’s largest B2B professional lead database

Become an Inseparable Part of Sales & Marketing Budgets

Emerge as a go-to-partner for every SMB, large enterprise, or a start-up looking to wisely invest their marketing dollars.

Position your offering as an obvious next step for anyone who wants to drive greater results from email marketing, online advertising, direct mail campaigns, and more.

How you can start by capturing 90% of your total prospective audience
that’s available with Span Global Services database

Leverage White label Data Platform

Provide lead data to your most prospective customers; send lead samples and free trial offers.

Encourage Marketing Outsourcing

Connect with sales and marketing executives calling for agency pitches and external marketing support.

Solve Unique Sales Challenges

Build awareness about the unique sales and marketing funnels for different industry use cases.

Leverage Our Multi-Channel Marketing And Lead Nurturing Support For Your Clients

Our growth marketing experts can boost your client campaigns with cross-channel audience targeting.



Outsource your digital marketing campaigns


Build Your Ideal Sales & Marketing Leadership Target Profile

Tell Us Whom Do You Want To Target

Identify sales and marketing budget influencers.
Reach those who need sales and marketing innovation.
Connect with sales leaders who want to scale faster.
Show up when active leads are eager to spend on automation.
Public Sector - Span Global Services

Thinking of more targets or is there any specific profile that you have in mind?

Schedule a quick call to submit a query on your ideal public sector decision-makers.

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Build Your Pipeline of Active Leads
With Accurate Sales & Marketing Leadership Contacts

Our experts can show you how to identify the keywords that
trigger actions concerning sales & marketing solutions.

Hyper-Personalize For Sales & Marketing Leaders

Customize content towards the targeted sales and marketing leader’s organization and brand.

Identify Priorities of Sales & Marketing Teams

Find how your ideal sales and marketing audiences are engaging with your content.

Keep Nurturing New Sales & Marketing Leads

Build an efficient drip of content consumption pipeline with fresh lead contact data.

Take a Tour of How Our White Label Solution Helped North America’s
Leading Provider of Sales Support & Marketing Services

Discover a time-tested and proven lead generation model
that is outcome-based for new lead generation.

Here’s how we are consistently activating big-ticket wins for the client.


Faster Marketing Decision Maker Prospect Intelligence & Conversions


Improvement in Marketing Decision Maker Lead Qualification


Increase in E-mail Driven Response Rates from Marketing Leaders


Rise in New Digital Marketing Account Demos and Webinars

Adopt our white-label solutions to ensure greater campaign ROI by reaching,
engaging and converting your top customers with an active pipeline of qualified leads.

View White Label Solution Case Study

Communicate With Business Leaders Seeking
Strategic Sales and Marketing Support

Drive Meaningful Conversations With Those Who Matter.

Build Bridges With Your Ideal Customers

Help every decision-maker and a profitable new lead who seeks your lead database solutions.

Find out how our industry-proven use cases are helping the world’s best sales and marketing teams.

Find industry applications to help professionals such as the following:

  • Digital Marketing Solution Seekers
  • Multi-Marketing Solution Seekers
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Technology
  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Direct Mail Management
  • Logistics and fulfillment

Personalize Actions For Sales & Marketing Decision Makers From Diverse Industries

Expand your reach among those responsible for deciding sales & marketing budgets.

Regions Covered:

  • North America
  • South Asia
  • EMEA
  • Europe

Identify the best prospects who will seek long-term relationships for getting their qualified leads from your white-label data platform.

MAP - Span Global Services

Planning to Launch Your Branded Lead Database Platform?

Here’s how we can help you deliver the highest standards for your clients.

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Email Campaigns / Surveys

Span Global Services

Social Outreach

Span Global Services

Tele-Marketing Campaigns

Span Global Services

Offsite Teams (Demand Generation, Staffing, IT support, etc.)

Span Global Services

Webinars / Virtual Events

Span Global Services

Digital Marketing

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