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IT Service Provider

As an IT service provider

Our key products and solutions

As an IT service provider, you can partner with us to ensure that you receive complete support for all of your marketing activities. The benefit of being associated with us is that our solutions in conjunction with your technology expertise can provide customers with a platform through which they can plan, execute, automate, and monitor marketing operations and individualized marketing programs.

As a developer of some of the largest and most sophisticated database marketing solutions, we design and implement solutions to help IT service providers. They can analyze their customer base, improve customer acquisition/retention and grow the value of customer relationships.

Some of our key products and solutions tailored for an IT service provider include:

  • Multichannel Database Marketing: Span Global Services integrates online and offline capabilities so that clients can become more consumer-centric and effective in their marketing activities.
  • Global Consulting: Our highly-skilled business consultants' help clients increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer loyalty, and raise their market share.
  • Technology Leadership: We manage a huge list of customer and prospect records which are integrated to its respective customer records.
  • Database/CDI: Span Global Services provides operational data stores for supporting real-time, front-office customer management applications across all channels.
  • IT integrated database marketing: If you have been providing IT services to the world's leading companies, government agencies, and others with innovative solutions in mainframe outsourcing, managed server service, network management and desktop, storage and security issues, then we can aid you in integrating database marketing solutions accordingly.

When companies work with Span Global Services, we ensure to establish strong ties with customers by helping them understand better what customers like, what they want, and the best ways to communicate with them. Our customer and information management solutions help close gaps in customer knowledge-a key to our clients' ability to sustain and grow their businesses.

To find out how Span Global Services can help you with technology packed database marketing solutions, connect with our experts at 877-837-4884 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at

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