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Campaigner - Email Marketing Solution

Days would have been long when you had to arrange and consolidate a team of experts to manage a department for your email marketing campaigns. With our proprietary Campaigner tool, those days are gone. After thorough research on the latest email marketing automation technologies, we have come up with the best solution for all your campaigning needs.

Campaigner is...

  • A ‘SMART’ EMAIL MARKETING AUTOMATION PACKAGE that takes care of your campaigning efforts right from the word go.
  • An EMAIL DELIVERY SYSTEM that decides on the recipient list which is most relevant to the campaign. It finalizes the list from our 42 million strong B2B master contact database, guaranteeing widest exposure for your mails.
  • A STURDY LEAD GENERATOR that accumulates 10k+ B2B leads / month.
  • A LEADS VERIFICATION FACILITY that regularly verifies your leads through multiple channels and ensures maximum deliverability rate and minimizes bounces in future campaign efforts.
  • An IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS TOOL which takes even the minutest details under consideration, giving a clear picture of the pros and cons of your email campaign’s success/failure.
  • A POOL OF DEDICATED EMAIL MARKETING EXPERTS at the back-end who are continuously strategizing to make your campaigns optimized for returns.

How Campaigner Works?


Don’t have your own database?

No issues! Let the Campaigner choose your recipients from our 32M+ B2B contacts in our master database.

Our contacts are:

  • Regularly UPDATED
  • VERIFIED daily

It's all you need for a successful campaign.

The Campaigner tool also uses dedicated IP addresses for every campaign, giving your B2B emails professionalism and customization at one shot.

We know how much you to strive to make sales execution work. Keep yourself free to do what you do best. Let Campaigner take care of everything else. Automation is the next generation of marketing. With Campaigner, we get you there.

Dial 877-837-4884 and know more about our tool.

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