Making a Splash: How Six campaigns Helped a Netsuite MSP Drive into Successful Marketing

Industry: Technology
Location: APAC, EMEA, USA

Background and Challenges:

The technology company was operating in the APAC, EMEA, and USA regions, and the goal of the email strategy campaign was to increase engagement and drive more leads for the company's products and services. However, the initial email campaign failed to yield the desired results due to a lack of a focused target audience. The company was targeting a broad audience group, resulting in low response rates and a lack of engagement.

Moreover, the campaign faced another challenge in the constant need for changes in the content and image design. The marketing team had to make frequent updates to the email content and image design to maintain a consistent message across all the emails in the campaign.

The Solution

After analyzing the initial campaign's results and discussing with the client, the email strategy campaign was reinstated with a refocused target audience group by department, title, and geo-location. The company identified the most relevant audience segments based on their job titles and departments, as well as their geographic locations, to ensure that the emails reached the most relevant recipients.

Furthermore, the marketing team suggested adding a $50 Amazon gift voucher for those who responded to the survey campaign. The company agreed, and the voucher was included in the email content, image design, and subject line. The addition of the gift voucher incentivized recipients to respond to the survey, resulting in better open/click ratios and survey fills from campaign 4. The marketing team also found that including the gift voucher in the image design and subject line doubled the open/click ratio.

To get survey responses, all the links were enabled with UTM source code. The marketing team monitored the campaign's performance and analyzed the results to optimize the campaign further.

The Result

The email strategy campaign resulted in a high number of open and click rates every month. The refocused target audience group helped increase the engagement rates and response rates. Moreover, the addition of the gift voucher incentivized recipients to respond to the survey campaign, resulting in better open/click ratios and survey fills.

Out of the first six deployments, the campaign received close to 20 responses. The marketing team provided detailed reports with campaign performance data, including the number of opens, clicks, survey fills, and conversions. These reports helped the client gain insights into the campaign's performance and make informed decisions.



The email strategy campaign for the technology company faced initial challenges due to a lack of focus on the target audience group. However, by refocusing the audience group and adding a gift voucher, the campaign yielded positive results with high open and click rates every month. The use of UTM source code and detailed campaign performance reports helped the marketing team optimize the campaign further, resulting in a satisfied client.

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