Aviation is a competitive industry. However, this Airline manufacturer elevated its sales by 175% with our Brand Positioning

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Industry: Airlines
Location: Oklahoma, United States
Challenge: Elevating brand value and increasing sales

About the client

The client is a top manufacturer for the airline industry. However, the client is not as recognized as their competitors, despite the world-class solutions they offer their clients.


As a world leader in the designing and manufacturing regional jets, the client is still behind its competitors in terms of perception.

The client appointed Span Global to change the brand's lack of awareness and elevate the brand to one of the most admired brands in the commercial aviation sector.


After consulting with the client, Span Global realized that the client had a completely different take on achieving sustainable profitability for its customers.

They believed that the only way to achieve sustainable profitability is by matching aircraft capacity to market demand more accurately.

With a much lower budget than its competitors, we realized that it would be challenging for the client to focus on their aircraft's specific features like fuel burn and low emissions, unlike their competitors.

After a detailed study of the client's key challenges, our experts recommended that it be more feasible for the client to focus on the challenges customers face and sell solutions that achieve profitability.

To reflect its audiences' mind-set, we created a new personality for the brand based on personas such as The Warrior, Aircraft Legend, Runway Spartan, and Aerial Dominator.

These personas were not only flattering to the audiences but also captured a lot of attention and curiosity. The company's CEO immediately launched aircraft with the new personas, which instantly created more sales opportunities.

Objectives of the Campaign:

  • Increase website traffic by over 100%
  • Enhance digital marketing opportunities
  • Boost sales by 150%

Target Audience

Key-Decision makers of 40 airlines across 35 countries
Channels Used:

  • Print and online display
  • Launce and streamed a live track on social media
  • New Website
  • Social media communications
  • Customer events and Brochures


  • 150% increase in website traffic
  • 85% increase in new visitors to the website
  • Boosted sales by 175%
Span Global Services clearly understood our organizations' unique personality and delivered a remarkable expression of it.

Tim Delanie, CEO

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