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Industry: Health Insurance Sector
Location: Alabama, United States
Challenge: Staying ahead of competitors in terms of Brand Awareness
Solution: Span Global’s Content Marketing

About the client

Established in 1995, our client provides healthcare insurance plans to enterprise employers. Though it is well-established, the organization needed a platform to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex healthcare landscape, unlike their competitors.


Employers today need to offer insurance plans that provide a wide range of services while controlling costs. To overcome this challenge, healthcare insurers must be more strategic with their benefits offerings. Additionally, they also need to find new ways to deliver cost savings while building employee engagement. Span Global Services helped educate the client about how a modern website could address each of these challenges.When we first began working together, our experts led a B2B strategy workshop for the client and identified several areas to focus on. As part of our initial research, we assessed the existing website along with those of key competitors.

Following the workshop, we created a robust, integrated marketing strategy playbook, which included recommendations for future work, including developing a messaging framework, new lead generation tools, thought leadership content, and data cleansing best practices. The client also mentioned the need for a unique web experience for prospective customers.


We kicked off the project by bringing together all of the stakeholders for a website discovery workshop. During this collaborative, half-day session, we identified key pain points. This workshop helped us to prioritize requirements and build a customer-first website strategy.


With the content strategy in hand, our team of experts developed wireframes for a new B2B website. We proposed a design that, while maintaining the integrity of the brand, creates an engaging experience. We produced several custom illustrations to reflect a unique brand presence. These design choices helped reinforce the shift from the B2C website to a new site specifically for B2B customers. As they scroll through the site, employers are drawn into a cohesive story that addresses their concerns. And we made sure the website was responsive and fully optimized for viewing on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices

The client also decided to write the web copy to facilitate a smooth internal approval process. We supported our client by providing copy templates with maximum character counts and best writing practices for the web. Our collaborative, iterative process helped the client create customer-first content rather than product-focused content. With our detailed content strategy and editorial review process, we also helped ensure the copy ranked well for SEO and were highly readable for a web audience

Finally, we had heard in the discovery workshop that the client's current system didn't allow for quick website updates. So, we then created a user-friendly CMS that made it easy for stakeholders to update copy and graphics whenever they want. By providing an agile back-end site, we delivered a superior internal user experience and helped ensure that the website's information is current and easy to update.


Within weeks of launching the new B2B website, the results were far beyond the client's expectations. In the first month itself, the website had more than 1500 users in its B2B conversion funnel. Additionally, 135 visitors had clicked on the 'Contact Us' button while 85 people had completed the form. User engagement also improved drastically at 95.6%.

Span Global exceeded our expectations as far as creating a platform to update our website. They provided us a perfect package which helped us to function in a more agile way.

Jeremy winters, Vice President, Marketing

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