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Targeting Ideal Dental Sector Targets, Soared Brand Awareness by 400%.

Industry: Technology
Location: Utah, the USA
Challenge: Reaching and converting a niche audience group
Solution: Span Global’s pristine customer records which facilitate ROI-yielding lead nurture campaigns

Meet the client

The client is a prominent entity within the tech space, offering an all-in-one platform for customer attraction, engagement, and retention. It caters to the Optometry, Dental, Medical, Accounting, and Veterinary sectors, while also providing A1 solutions to small businesses as well. With its diverse portfolio of industry coverage and consumers, the company rakes in annual revenues of $5 million.

The Key Challenge

Getting new customers onboard and getting conversations started about its products amidst the dental specialties sector.

The client has an array of products under its belt, including digital forms, payments, scheduling, customer insights, analytics, web assistants, reviews, etc. It wanted to venture into the dental specialties sector, the core areas being patient engagement/relationship and dental practice management. The sales team wanted to engage c/v-level decision-makers from the top organizations, currently employing the following software: -

  • Target users, eaglesoft, open dental, dentrix (dental practice management)
  • Target users, demandforce, solutionreach, lighthouse 360 (patient engagement and relationship)

However, marketing its products to such a niche audience meant the company first needed to evaluate its total addressable market (tam) in the targeted sector.

Having said that, tam assessment requires reliable and accurate customer data, which the client’s CRM lacked. The sales and marketing unit was banking on their homegrown repository to find target accounts and engage them. Coupling that with the universally long sales cycle in the tech sphere meant they were nowhere near bringing their customers into their sales funnel.

Hence, the company was investing valuable dollars into futile campaigns without knowing if their leads were relevant or where exactly their desired customers were. Since they lacked the data, they were unable to connect with qualified leads, which led to unsuccessful product demos and outreach attempts, and sinking ROI.

The team quickly realized their dire need of a quality database that would help them forecast purchase intent, buyer journeys, and bring in the best prospects into their funnel. This would also aid their campaigning tactics and help onboard the specific customers they wished to obtain.

What Followed?

The sales and marketing team had contacted a local database provider to receive dental specialties email lists. This quickly proved to be a poor investment as the database was mediocre, offering bare minimum information. Plus, half of the email addresses were incorrect, and several key customer records were missing.

Upon integrating this database into their CRM, the client was nowhere near fulfilling its target. Instead, the company lost numerous existing customers and lead acquisition costs tripled within a month. Hence, promising leads started to leak from the funnel, in place of progressing towards becoming paid customers.


Upon listening to the client’s bespoke requests and current CRM scenario, our data experts realized that mere email addresses wouldn’t cut it. Hence, we provided the sales and marketing team with unique records to not only obtain accurate email addresses but also facilitate lead nurture campaigns for maximum conversions.

How Span Global’s in-depth customer records changed the game

Our data experts provided the client’s team with the following data: -

  • Number of companies using Target Users, EagleSoft, Open Dental, Dentrix within the Dental Practice Management Sector - 5,840
  • Number of contacts using Target Users, EagleSoft, Open Dental, Dentrix within the Dental Practice Management Sector - 40,267
  • Number of companies using Solutionreach, Lighthouse 360, Demandforce, Target Users within the Patient Engagement and Relationship sector - 5,080
  • Number of contacts using Solutionreach, Lighthouse 360, Demandforce, Target Users within the Patient Engagement and Relationship sector - 36,489

Using these, the sales and marketing team were able to employ these strategies for successful brand growth: -

  • Lead nurture campaigns - Our experts helped the team deploy unique nurture campaigns for every lead, based on their purchase intent, online behavior, and previous interactions with the brand. The pre-verified records facilitated thorough customer segmentation, assisting the sales team in focusing on high-priority prospects first and sending out personalized campaigns to engage them quickly.
    Plus, our insights created nurture campaign journeys that filtered out the most ideal dental sector customers and established allied interest points to consistently engage them via weekly emails. This lead-gen tactic helped the team bring the best MQLs into their funnel and quickly turn them into paid customers.
  • Campaigns for awareness - The team was able to launch successful new-customer campaigns to rope in potential customers with the insights we provided. Since our data provided a clear picture of the buyer journey, the client knew precisely where the customer was and drafted the required email to nudge them towards a confirmed sale.
    This not only bumped up conversions but also spread the company’s awareness like wildfire, as various customer groups beyond America began to hear about the brand and its various products, thanks to Span Global’s geo-targeted customer records.
  • Multichannel emails - Since all our data passed our NCOA, CAN-SPAM, GDPR checks and were 100% opt-in, the client could use them to unlock conversations on any channel their customers preferred - social media, email nurture and direct dial reach through Tele-calling. This also helped in retaining existing customers through updated data and multichannel campaigns, allowing the company to grow its audience base larger than it ever was.

The Result

3 months into employing our database, the client recorded a 5X growth in brand awareness, along with a spiked marketing return of 200%. Thanks to a fulfilling sales funnel, the sales team further increased its AOV (average order value) for the highest-selling products.

Email engagement had increased tenfold, with CTRs and open-rates boosted by 200%. The team also used our data to deploy drip campaigns to engage interested leads beyond the USA and saw the company’s global brand visibility skyrocket in record time.

As a top-tier software organization, we have secured multiple accolades over the years. But, our marketing team always struggled to acquire a seamless solution to connect with niche buyers. Partnering with Span Global changed that quicker than we thought, as our sales and marketing unit engaged with buyer personas precisely and fruitfully. The lead nurture campaigns were a significant arsenal that helped us hit the nail on the head instead of searching for needles in a haystack when it came to finding well-matched prospects. If there’s any company in need of bridging the gap between its audience and itself, Span Global will get it done for you.

Head of Marketing

Solution Advantage


record increase in email campaign ROIs.


increase in brand awareness with newly on-boarded clients from various countries.


increase in interested leads converted to paid customers.

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