Contact Appending

Establish new connections within organizations and widen the scope of your campaign.

Gain a comprehensive and current list of key decision makers with Contact Appending.

Contact Appending Services

How to prospect to various decision makers within an organization

Contact appending adds multiple contacts of key decision makers within an organization. In this way you gain a comprehensive list of contacts with their current titles, providing you with information on the best person to contact.

With organizational structure changing frequently, keeping track of changing titles and job roles is a challenge. Span Global Services has current information about contact details of various titles within an organization. With our contact appending services you can gain:

  • A wider market within the same company
  • Establish new connections
  • Increase marketing campaign effectiveness and ROI

Appending contacts from the same company gives you a good advantage. You get to contact the desired contact and also get a good source of engagement within the same company. This amplifies your efforts multi-fold. It also helps you get to people who are new to your business, opening new doors and creating new opportunities. When you have run a contact append on your dataset, it increases your campaign scope and directly affects your deliverability and in-turn, you gain a higher ROI. The positive aspects of contact appending are many.

Sign up for our contact appending services and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. All you need to do is give us your email database and we will give you the appended list in less than 7 business days.

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