Email Campaign Reporting

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Email Campaign Reporting

An Eye Opener for Any Marketer

Email campaign reports are the mirror that shows marketers how their campaigns are performing. The report provides complete and vital information about an email campaign. Thus, it opens up the scope for improvement in forthcoming email campaigns.

Span Global Services can assist you in running an email campaign, tracking it and deciphering from detailed reports for the same.

Our detailed reporting tool will provide you a detailed real-time report on the status of each email campaign. The report will include everything from the open and click rates, to mail delivery report, and much more.

The tool will provide you a detail report on:

  • Number of prospects who clicked on your emails
  • Which link received the maximum clicks
  • Number of mails actually delivered
  • Number of bounced emails and why
  • Number of opt-outs or unsubscribes
  • Out of the total how many actually opened your email
  • Comparison between two most recent email campaigns


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Email Campaign Reporting

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