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Optimizing ROI by using Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

A multi-channel marketing campaign is a perfect way to optimize ROI on your marketing efforts, by diversifying your customer base. It is good to note – every campaign you undertake will have different costs per lead so it’s important to consider each channel separately. We help you map the right channel of engagement with the right customers by deeply analyzing the pros and cons.

Also, when it comes to in-house marketing the challenges are many: managing the brand's voice internally, ensuring that all information is accurate, managing conflicts between departments, and not to mention all of the painstaking work. By outsourcing these workloads to us we not only help you address these hurdles we help you streamline processes.

Marketing is all about engaging with your customers to win their business, and this is often done by sending them the right messages at the right time. But just how do you go about optimizing your engagement rates? The key is to personalize your marketing. Generating an individual impression of a customer makes it easier to tailor the message for that very individual, and in turn, increases the chance of them engaging with it.

We also understand the importance to measure a variety of factors to evaluate marketing performance. These metrics include the number of visits, page views, and visitors to your website; click-through ratio; conversion rates on landing pages, and the percentage of new versus repeat customers. Span Global Services is your ideal partner to deliver measurable outcomes for your marketing efforts.

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