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Are you trying to manage data and maximize revenues?

Business lists prove to be an asset; only if maintained rightly. You spend $100 on correcting bad data, and just $1 on verifying each record. Data plays an integral role in key decision making in any organization. With data almost doubling every year, it is essential to ensure that quality is kept intact and accuracy is improved. B2B marketers need to realize that correcting incorrect information is a costlier affair.

Span Global Services provides clean, effective database. Our focus is on data quality, accuracy, currency, and relevancy. You can target your customers and prospective clients relevantly by keeping your lists fresh through our top-notch list management services.

With a team of experienced data specialists, Span Global Services segments your business lists into niche segments, enabling targeted communication. Supplement data fields like industry, SIC codes, job title, annual revenues, geographies, interests, social media profiles, etc. Make your database comprehensive and updated.

Manage your lists to maximize your revenues. Find out how Span Global Services can help in optimizing database management, connect with our experts at 877-837-4884 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at

Database Segmentation -Tune Your Database to Create Niche Markets. Download the document now

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