Marketing Automation Software

Use Bots to connect with your target market relevantly with Marketing Automation

Increase revenues by 417% by combining Marketing Automation with other processes!

Marketing Automation Software

You can increase sales conversion rates by deploying our proprietary marketing automation solutions. From tracking, scoring to automated lead nurturing programs, our tool tracks every aspect of your marketing program.

Build more connections with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a reliable way to nurture existing customers and prospects. At Span Global Services, we create nurturing programs that send out timely messages to leads in your lead pipeline.

Span Global Services’ dynamic marketing automation application helps businesses like yours track and connect with your prospects and customers. This powerful tool allows you to:

  • Track your leads and maintain business relationship with them
  • Nurture leads as they move along the sales pipeline
  • Integrate your CRM with this automated marketing platform
  • Run lead nurturing campaigns without spending your time

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