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Primary Reports
Usage & Attitude Research Take stock of the market, uncover gaps in what is being offered & what is expected, reposition the product, establish your database based on past /present behavior and identify changes in usage behavior.
Competitive Analysis Understand your competitors’ profiles, build brand health monitoring programs, develop new strategies and obtain comparative and SWOT analysis.
Concepts & Products Test Test prototypes of product or concept, support decision making, analyze financial impact, develop insights delivered by the test and make decisions enabled by these insights.
Advertising Research Develop initial & final ad design, conduct a concept & ad testing, identify ad campaign focus and improve ad campaign ROI.
Brand Evaluation Research Get to the DNA of your brand
Communications Planning Understand the need of the strategy and objectives. Identify the mode of communication and find the best mix of channels to distribute. Implement & monitor the impact to improve performance.
Market Entry Assessment Get to know the market you wish to enter. Find out the market size, market needs and promote it relevantly to improve market penetration.
Market Assessment Suitable for those who wish to introduce an existing product or concept in a new market. Understand the opportunities and market share, to support strategic decision making.
Tracking Research Track your brand and customer preferences. Understand the product / brand penetration and awareness. Gain a comparative and competitive analysis report to re-work your brand strategy, to increase the market share.
Pricing Research Find out the optimum price point for your product, verify pricing assumptions, understand the trade-off and optimum price point. Adapt the new price to maximize profits.
Acquisition Research Identify areas of opportunity of potential prospects for future growth. Understand the acquisition size & brand share. Gain result oriented reactions.


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