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Social Validation

What is Social Validation?

Today the world is just a click away. Email, Social Media, Websites and Smart phones have taken over all conventional methods to connect with clients and customers.

While consumer focused companies are leveraging social media to enhance customer experience, B2B marketers are not behind the race.

Social Validation is the process of collecting and verifying each of the profiles associated with your brand on all your social media Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Collating this client data can be a meticulous task. At Span Global Services, our experts help you delve this data form various facets of the social media platform after robust validation and verification of each profile.

Data from social channels possess socially enriched customer/client profiles which can help you understand your prospects and their buying needs. In return you foster targeting and speed up all your nurturing campaigns.

Why is it Pivotal for your business?

This Digital epoch has compelled business to transform and adopt new digital technologies and methods of sales and marketing. Today, your company’s Facebook page can act as a lead generating machine gun, if handled effectively and efficiently.

Every like, every follower, every comment about your company on social media can earn your next prospect. At Span Global Services, we make sure you don’t miss any of your prospects on Social Media by providing verified and validated profile database.

If you haven’t verified any of your social media profiles and are eligible to do so, we recommend that you take action right away.

Leads validated socially take lesser time to convert, as nurtured leads respond quicker than the non-nurtured ones.

Not only prospects, eliminate all fake profiles impersonating you, your business or your brand, look for that platform’s contact information or details on how to report fake accounts.

At SpanGlobalServices We validate Company name and Title of each Contact in your database and match it against various existing social and web networks. This process is run to ensure that you identify the working contacts and their titles. Now get all your multi-channel campaigns and other Follow-up campaigns thrive with the best ever social validation services in the industry. Connect with our experts today.

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