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Email Appending Services

Email Appending Services

What is Email Appending?

Email Appending The marketing practice of email address appending comes from the fact that emails are the most preferred form of business communication. With an estimated 5.6 billion email accounts towards the end of the decade (Statista) it's a reckless move on the part of marketers if they are ignoring email campaigning. But for email marketing, a list of email addresses of b2b professionals is required, and with most marketers having access to selective phone numbers and mailing addresses, this is not possible.

This is where email append comes into the picture as a relief. Appending is the marketing practice that takes existing client databases and matches it against vendor database to add missing email addresses to the list. It is a process of updating and validating existing business mailing lists with email addresses of customers to provide options for email marketing.

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Why businesses should E-Append marketing databases?

When doing business in the 21st century, your marketing strategies cannot incorporate techniques that are old - that's the easiest way to limit your market and customer base. While telemarketing and direct mail campaigns are effective at times, emails are what most people prefer as a communication tool in the digital era. At Span Global Services, our objective in providing email appending services is to assist marketers in exploring diverse opportunities by adopting emails as a communication channel.

E-mail appending as such is a smart and result-driven way to connect with old customers through contemporary channels of communication, to reactivate an old and non-responding prospect.

Benefit of Appending Emails

Email based campaigns have aided organizations to manifold response and ROI. With over 92% adults using emails, it's not surprising that estimated ROI from email campaigns have reached 3800% (DMA)! When organizations therefore make the smart move of buying email address append services from Span Global Services, they benefit in multiple ways:

  • Gain access to accurate business email contact list of professionals from retail, automotive, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, banking and financials etc.
  • Have the option to connect with global prospects from US, Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries
  • Control marketing costs as our email appending pricing is based on the number of records requested
  • Reduce sales cycle time as emails reach prospects sooner than direct mails

At Span Global Services, we promise our clients short delivery cycle for data appending services. So contact us today and allow us to guide you through the email appending process.

Why choose Span Global Services for Appending Email Lists

Regarded as a prominent email appending company we at Span Global Services are in favor of timely updates done to your direct mailing lists. Direct mail and telemarketing has its advantage but it is time consuming and often costly. Email marketing is a suitable alternative to that. When we append email addresses we make it possible to move beyond traditional channels of communication and embrace email communications as an alternative.

Our best email address appending services therefore guarantees:

  • Services for B2B email append and B2C e-mail appends
  • Competitive pricing based on quality of customer contact database received
  • Short turnaround cycle of 48 hours to 7 days
  • Permission based opt-in, opt-out and double opt-in email addresses (on request)
  • Free e-Append test on your database

It is time for you to try our services for appending email addresses. Contact Span Global Services today and allow us consultants to guide you through the email appending process


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