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Leads Quality

Leads Quality

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One of the reasons why the quality of these online leads has gotten so much worse is because a significant number of fake affiliates have learned how easy it is to create pseudo-leads and pass them off as genuine ones. These leads, typically manufactured or altered, pass all the existing lead verification and scoring measures – but with no result for the leads user.

The fake affiliates have taken advantage of both lead aggregators and lead buyers. This is because there existed no system in place to accurately identify their new brand of bad leads - much less the ability to track and find out that these same fake leads were being habitually resold to dozens of different buyers.

Span Global Services has created a patent pending solution to help end this practice. Meet the master in leads database for the online lead generation industry.

  • Campaign results
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Recognizing target audiences

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