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Industry: Industrial Sector
Location: Alabama, United States
Challenge: Staying ahead of competitors in terms of Brand Awareness
Solution: Span Global’s Content Marketing

About the client

An yesteryear’s old company, established in 2001, the client is a leading provider of high-performance industrial coatings and linings to the construction industry. They customize their products to fit the requirements of their industrial clients. Based out of Alabama, the company has a nationwide distribution network and an annual turnover of $1.2 Million.


The primary challenge was that of competing in a huge saturated market against big names. The CEO knew that he had to outweigh the competition.

Lack of Brand Identity turned out to be a massive challenge.

The client needed a higher share of the coating market by staying on the top-of-mind for the American coatings industry. The CEO identified online marketing as a key opportunity to develop their business further post our digital outreach.


After consulting with the client, we realized that creating content which addressed specific customer pain points could drive the traffic from organic search. Our experts decided to dig deeper by performing detailed keyword research into what keywords could potentially drive traffic for the client through organic search. Instead of paying for Google AdWords, we wanted the client to own real estate in search engines that would continue to drive compounding traffic.

We identified keyword opportunities and rather than go after high-difficulty, high-volume keywords, we realized the big opportunity for the client was identifying keywords with low-difficulty and low-medium search volume. These "low hanging fruit" keywords were topics that were ignored by the bigger brands but happened to be extremely profitable for our client. The keywords were targeted towards the client’s specific buyers, rather than a broad search which could be done by anybody.

As an industrial coating manufacturer, the client wasn’t interested in a homeowner simply looking to paint his house.Since, Google can easily bring in a wide variety of traffic, the key was to identify opportunity keywords that addressed a specific pain point that the client was facing. This helped in driving highly relevant traffic that converted into real leads for the client to pursue.

Results: A massive rise of 150% in website traffic

The client’s website traffic grew more than 150 percent organic search increased by more than 280 percent. By consistently producing high-quality content that answered specific pain points, Google started ranking our content higher in search results. As traffic grew, online contacts generated grew 300percent. Identifying your buyers’ pain points, as well as the opportunity keywords those buyers are searching for, can result in strong online lead generation. For industrial markets, writing great content along with smart keyword research is a success strategy for online marketing.

If you’re a B2B industrial company, and if you’d like to see if this strategy works for your business, request a consultation today.

The ability to experiment with different ways of reaching our audiences has enabled us to achieve real scale for our lead generation marketing. Span Global has created an opportunity for us to scale lead generation even further by distributing more content to the target audiences that we’ve identified."

Roger Hopkins, CEO

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