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Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer
Location: Oregon, United States
Challenge: Increase brand awareness and lead conversions
Solution: Content Marketing, Landing Page Re-Design

Meet the client

Established in 1993, the client is an American start-up which specializes in a remote cardiac monitoring device that allows simple monitoring and analysis of the heart. Their monitor consists of hardware, a smartphone app and a cloud based service. The device is designed to be used by individuals at their convenience, allowing data analysis in minutes. It also allows clinicians to remotely monitor users and conduct digital cardiac assessments.

The client partnered with Span Global Services for a strategic inbound marketing strategy which included content creation and retargeting initiatives.

The target was to efficiently move leads through the sales funnel and increase bottom-funnel conversions, as well as improve brand recognition.


  • Increase brand recognition to boost sales
  • Drive more qualified leads through the sales funnel
  • Increase conversions for product demo landing page
  • Improve brand recognition


To improve brand recognition, our experts first created relevant content in the form of long blog posts, eBooks and guides. We then offered selective, targeted ads for top funnel and also distributed content to relevant personas and job titles on Facebook and LinkedIn. As soon as someone engaged with blog posts or interactive webpages, we retargeted them with strategic content. In the process, we encouraged them to convert.

Encouraging Bottom-Funnel Conversions

Our campaign employed retargeting strategies to give visitors who viewed the website, a chance to request for a demo.

To further increase conversions, a new ‘Contact Us’ page was created with a dynamic design and fresh content. On the contrary, the old ‘Contact Us’ page featured just a form and lacked information of why it should be filled and the outcome of filling it out.

Additionally, on the new ‘Contact Us’ page, we explained how the cardiac monitoring devices helps safe guard the well-being of a patient and the added advantages of using the device.

Results Were More Than Expected

The value of a single cardiac monitoringdevice is between $ 5,000-$10,000. Hence, it was imperative that the product page did not simply ask a visitor to fill a form. By focusing the content of the new page on specific pain points of the reader, the page was able to create a 180% increase in lead conversions.

Through this strategic campaign, the client was also able to achieve a 210% increase in their ROI.

By partnering with Span Global Services, we are delighted that we were not only able to improve our brand recognition but also enhanceour lead conversions. We are looking to partnering with them in the future also to achieve our long-term marketing goals.

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