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The Canadian Software industry is a prime financial chauffeur and remains to grow immensely, transcending several divisions along its way. With the world moving closer towards a Digi-centric economy, IT-based businesses have grown as a necessity to accelerate Gross Domestic Product (GDP), contributing high-paying careers, and inventing a modern environment via advanced technology.

Of the busiest tech markets in North America, Toronto currently holds fourth place in the top 20, along with the other three Canadian cities. This tech Moghul has added 66,900 jobs in the IT sector within the last five years. Toronto owes this partly to the exceptional educational standards of York University and the University of Toronto. Furthermore, Montreal also attracts giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Uber. Google has lately funded millions of bills into its Montreal station and paved the way for Artificial Intelligence. These automatically translate to Canada’s thriving software sphere, a brimming market for email campaigners seeking to target this space.

Teaming up with professionals from an industry so powerful is surely the way of the future. However, what puzzles most corporations is how to identify such potential clients and reach them. That’s where Span Global Services pitches in. With our 100% accurate contacts and thoroughly-vetted lists, you can easily save time and effort while conducting successful campaigns. How? - By using our holistic information to identify suitable prospects and focusing your email efforts solely on them.


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The Canadian tech sector is to earn at the slightest, a massive $20 billion towards innovation in 2020. This is a fruitful opportunity to market your ideas and gather support, but you must quickly accrue the contacts. Stereotyped lists are no go; you need a comprehensive Canadian Software developers email list for quality associates and in-depth details about this industry’s top C-level professionals.

Span Global Services’ data experts follow practices that deliver 100% accurate all the time. Our contacts are consent-based; that makes our mailing lists 95% deliverable across all marketing channels, helping you reach the audience you desire.

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Data is the new oil; at Span Global Services, we refine it with email appending, cleansing, profiling, and verification. Backed with legal references, our Canadian Software Developers mailing databases are customizable to fit in your organizational structure. Hence, CRM integration becomes a breeze.

Backed by legal references, our triple verified email lists segment audience preferences for your campaigns. Uninterrupted conversations with clients of yours will automatically boost your brand awareness and ROIs at the best cost! Also, did you know that the price of starting a business in Toronto is relatively lower than in other tech-driven places? Time to capitalize on this right away, with our data-smart mailing addresses!

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Reaching the right clientele requires the best mailing tools, the absence of which is often detrimental to campaigning. However, at Span Global Services, our years of data-driven experience have equipped us with all the necessary weaponry.

With the rising number of tech-patents and start-ups in Montreal, our geo-targeted addresses are what will deliver your messages to the right boxes. By choosing our Canadian Software Developer Email list, you will tie up for campaigns and also build a purposeful associate network. If your business model aims for a niche audience, these emails will help you target specific groups from particular regions, thus ensuring marketing success.

Drive meaningful leads home with vetted lists that stay relevant. Get in touch with us today and witness the immaculate potential of customized data that performs for you!


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