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Marketing Outsourcing

Catering to all your marketing and campaign needs under one roof.

Span Global Services offers tailor-made marketing solutions for big, medium and small-scale businesses. Your enterprise is subject to changes that occur owing to many unnoticeable events in the market. Thus, using niche outsourcing packages, supported with data and research, are a must. Let us know your marketing needs today because you can get precise solutions based on your needs.

Email Campaign : Span Global Services' email campaign services let you beat the heat of tough competition by helping you create and execute email marketing campaigns. Read more

  • Email Campaign Tracking : A high-end email campaign tracking software is necessary for paying attention to your audience. It helps you in knowing what exactly your customer and prospects are expecting from you. Read more
  • Email Campaign Reporting : Span Global Services can assist you in running an email campaign, tracking it and sending a detail report for the same. Detailed reporting tool will provide you a detail real-time report on the status of email campaigns. Read more

Web Development : Rich scalable web solutions to make your website absolutely outstanding. Read more

  • Web Designing : Span Global Services has a team of experienced web designers who are equipped to deliver sites that attract visitors with superb design and other user-friendly features. Read more
  • Web Analytics : Span Global Services' web analytics services can help you gauge your website's performance in order to improve your online results. Read more
  • Web Testing : Span Global Services offers superior website testing services for businesses of all kinds and industry. Whether you own a 1000-page site or a 5-page micro site, we have the right testing package for you. Read more
  • Website Auditing : Span Global Services has a team of capable site auditors to help you know where your site stands in the market. Our auditing services are done after thorough research of your competitor sites, and give you a clear picture of the site metrics and analytics. Read more


We have got you covered on all your email and direct marketing needs

Marketing Outsourcing

Online Reputation Management: Span Global Services offers online reputation management services that help you build a strong online presence. With strategic planning and implementation, we can help create and maintain a positive impact on your targets. Read more

CRM Solutions : Our CRM tool manages all your business processes; from lead generation to lead nurturing, deal conversion to customer service. Read more

Lead Management : Span Global Services offers you lead management services (your magic lamp), and ensures turnkey solutions to your lead management problems. Read more

  • Lead Generation : Span Global Services provides comprehensive lead generation services customized for your business. As experts in the lead generation domain, we make sure that your lead to deal ratio is among the best in the industry. Read more
  • Lead Nurturing : Our lead nurturing tool is designed to assist marketers in reducing sales time and effort and produce an unexpectedly high ROI. Read more
  • Lead Tracking & Scoring : Span Global Services has been offering lead management services for over a decade now. To take our lead management service a step higher, we also offer customized lead tracking and scoring services for our customers.

Creative Corner:

Get any type of content that you would need to improve your marketing and create a brand image in the digital media era from our Span Global Services.

  • Marketing Collaterals : With content becoming a great marketing need, marketing collaterals have gained more significance in marketing. Read more
  • Web Copywriting : Our expert writers do an in-depth research about the target audience and the industry to deliver niche content that best fits your website. Read more
  • Blog Creation & Management : With our blog creation and management service, Span Global Services creates and develops a blog and customizes the template based on your brand.

Event Management : Event management services we offer will manage your event from the start till the end.
Read more

SEO : Span Global Services, with its varied experience in search engine optimization techniques, can align your website code, content, design, links and increase its traffic to the counts you deserve. Read more

  • Landing Page Optimization Span Global Services presents the latest landing page optimization techniques that can gel well with your unique business. You don't need any other task force to assist you in landing page optimization.
  • PPC Span Global Services with extensive expertise can empower your PPC campaigns through proprietary and competitive bid management. With our SEO specialists, we can provide an instant turnaround while keeping the operations within your budget. Read more
  • Search Marketing Span Global Services’ search marketing services are aimed at making your business search-engine friendly. While working on sites, we take into account various aspects like keywords, analytics, coding and content development. Read more

Data Intelligence : With our data intelligence service we ensure you a healthy database which can be used for all your marketing campaigns and achieve high response rates. Read more

  • List Management : Span Global Services has the best data specialists who are capable of segmenting your business list into niche segments. Lists that drive business growth by enabling multi-channel marketing. Read more
  • Email Lists : How do I reach prospects easy, fast and effective? Read more
  • List Building : We build lists with contacts based on the requirements of the client. Read more
  • Data Cleansing : Our data cleansing service cleanses the data to delete all the stale and outdated contacts. Read more
  • Data Profiling : Data profiling service transforms your data to make it easy to use and manage.
    Read more
  • Data Verification : Having a data verification process endures that a database is free of errors.
    Read more

Data Appending : Overcome your incomplete-data issues with the right data appending solutions.
Read more

  • Email Appending : Get emails appended to your database in no time with our customized email appending services. Read more
  • Phone Appending : We enhance your existing database by appending the missing phone numbers. Read more
  • Contact Appending : Acquire detailed contacts of top decision makers in prospect organizations.
    Read more

Marketing Survey: How to manage surveys without burning holes in my pocket?

Social Media Marketing: Through our social media marketing solution, you can build great relationships with communities, customers and prospects and higher your marketing ROI. Read more

Telemarketing Services: We use our up-to-date date expertise to achieve sky-rocketing results.
Read more

  • Appointment Setting : We understand that getting appointments is not that easy. We have a record in setting up appointments that work best for organizations. Read more
  • Breakfast Meeting : Breakfast meetings are a great way to meet peers and discus and exchange ideas about business.


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