Why B2B Marketers are Gaga Over Content Marketing

  With content marketing going rounds in the B2B marketing circles, it’s natural for all of us to join the tribe. The growth, and adoption of content marketing circle is clear from all the marketing reports. So, how can you untilize content marketing vechile to pique the interest of prospects and customers. Here’re few practical […]


The Perfect Antidote to Lead Churn

The report from MarketingSherpa shows clear evidence on the power and efficacy of lead nurturing program. Despite the overwhelming evidence of lead nurturing, many B2B companies are still buying time to implement it. Companies and brands are using atomated lead nurturing program are able to track leads, send timely messages and qualify for conversion. Here’re […]


Killer Words to Use in B2B Email Subject Lines

As a B2B marketer, I was interested in reading the The 2013 Adestra Subject Line Analysis Report, which published the list of keywords used in email subject lines and its relative performance. The review of email subject lines was found after evaluating over 2 billion global emails. Here’s the two prominent points for B2B Marketers: […]


Add Phone Numbers of Your Customers – Phone Appending Services

” Are you struggling with incorrect or missing phone numbers of your customers? ” Is bad phone numbers in your database, hurting your productivity? Most B2B marketers frequently face problems with wrong information in customer’s file. The incorrect numbers, or outdated phone numbers results in the wastage of your sales reps time and hurts the […]


Beyond Data – Data Intelligence & Insights

Big data, data insights, data intelligence is one of the trending topics for both marketers and stakeholders. The reason for the ever-increasing demand for data based metrics, and insights are the fundamental need to understand markets and customer behavior. Many marketers are sitting on a big data without knowing what to do or how to […]


Evaluate Your Email Marketing Program – Top Questions

During our interaction with our clients, we often help marketers improve the current marketing program. As a starting point, we help them set the objective, prepare the marketing work-flow, and also to measure the final output. Based on our experience in marketing, we’ve created Top 15 points for you to access your marketing. Top 15 […]


Marketing – From Inception to Delivery

We are more than just a digial marketing service provider. At Span Global Services, we provide end-to-end marketing, which includes all elements like planning, strategy, execution and monitoring. Top three areas of focus areas: Consulting Services: Develop and implement new strategies for B2B marketing Data Intelligence: Provide business intelligent data for prospecting and market research […]


The Impact of a Database Marketing Agency on Your Business

5 Business Scenarios  Scenario 1 Your marketing databases – They were not built in a day, your staff or you have spent a lot of time and effort putting them together. They are one of your most important assets. They help you locate your prospects, take your products and services to your target market, generate […]


Part 1 – 12 Proven Tips for effective email marketing

This is our five part series, starting with this post, explaining the nuances of small business email marketing. In this first post, we’ll start with the importance of organizing email marketing campaign and points to keep in mind while sending email campaign. Here’s the twelve tips to follow while using email marketing in your business. […]



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