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Japan C-Level Executives List CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, CAOs, CSOs, CMDs
Japan CVDs and Decision Makers President, VPs, Directors, Managing Directors, AVPs
Japan Professionals List Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Academicians, Librarians, HR Managers, Event Organizers and more
Japan Industries Executives List Information Technology, BFSI, Healthcare, Legal, Real Estate, Construction, Oil and Gas, Travel and Tourism, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation, Mining, Telecommunication, Business Services, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor, Agriculture and more
Japan Technology Users List ERP, CRM, SCM, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, JD Edwards, People Soft SugarCRM, Lawson, 3COM, AS400, Siebel CRM, Quickbooks, Linux, .NET, and more
Japan Healthcare Professionals List Physicians, Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Pathologists, Pharmacist, Gynaecologists, Neurologists, Dentists, Orthopaedists, Psychiatrists and more
Japan Industry List Large Shipping, Realestate, Banking & Finance, Manufaturers, Chemical, Cement, Supply Chain, Agriculture, Insurance and more


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Segmentation of Contacts by Job Role

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 327,909 2,392,276
Finance 307,433 2,242,073
HR 189,543 1,380,746
IT 329,676 2,403,715
Legal 152,309 1,114,777
Marketing 198,783 1,450,387
Media & Communication 237,705 1,733,791
Operations 937,142 6,843,327
Product Management 35,582 262,671
Program & Project Management 195,159 1,426,123
Purchasing 41,824 304,591
Quality Assurance 71,451 520,139
Real Estate 142,048 1,039,147
Research 198,174 1,448,136
Sales / Business Development 782,909 5,714,508
Senior Management 1,334,767 9,742,340
Total 5,482,414 40,018,747

Segmentation of Contacts by Industry

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Business Services 124,226 905,392
Automotive 50,124 368,096
Banking & Financial Services 128,922 939,677
Media & Publishing 41,912 303,040
Information Technology 245,648 1,794,697
Construction 142,593 1,038,743
Consumer Goods & Services 110,509 805,258
Manufacturing 148,133 1,080,645
Government 97,894 715,359
Education 97,604 711,054
Healthcare 252,931 1,845,673
Hospitality & Travel 48,176 350,955
Human Resources 28,468 209,280
Industrial Automation 6,979 48,761
Insurance 55,452 402,617
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 19,013 140,9853
Law Practice & Legal Services 64,199 470,849
Supply Chain & Logistics 61,248 444,924
Marketing & Advertising 40,300 292,735
Mining & Metals 8,205 58,437
Nonprofit Organization Management 40,060 293,903
Oil & Energy & Renewables & Environment & Utilities 62,489 458,366
Pharmaceuticals 27,904 201,510
Public Relations & Communications 16,111 116,8873
Real Estate 86,098 629,250
Research 26,236 192,990
Retail 150,650 1,101,936
Telecommunications & Wireless 44,941 327,341
Warehousing 9,905 71,578
Wholesale 15,885 115,234
Total 2,252,815 16,436,172

Opt-in Targeted Japan Business Email List Database from Span Global Services

We know you are no stranger to having an excellent email marketing campaign backfire. Have you ever wondered that the possible reason behind an email drive failing can also be that your contact ids have become obsolete?

Businesses scoping to expand in Japan might already have prospect email lists more than a couple of years old. But, they should consider such datasets as decayed. Why? Potential clients change email ids all the time, and if you go after inactive email ids, you risk severely dampening your marketing ROIs.

Using a decaying email list is also detrimental for your marketing team’s morale – given they will go on a wild goose chase without getting any responses. To counter these issues in Japan or any other country, sourcing a new and credible email list is critical. And Span Global Services’ offers cleansed, enriched, and appended Japan Business Email Lists.

Japan Business Email List

Why Choose Span Global Services B2B Email Lists for Japan?

In a nutshell, use our list to scout high-quality leads, convert and nurture them. You can also procure a Japan email list by demographics. But, what if your prospects operate away from the metropolises of the country. You can choose our geo-targeted email lists to gain access to various corners of Japan in such a case.

Other benefits of sourcing Japan email addresses from Span Global Services can lead to-

  • Scoring highly qualified leads
  • Help with a more granular client segmentation
  • Improve client engagement
  • Make personalization more effective, thus hiking the opt-in rate
  • Boost marketing ROIs

Know that Span Global Services has been one of the data industry’s leading players for over a decade. Our clients come from various business sectors and leverage our email lists for several industries and verticals.

Customize your Japan Business Lists Based on your Requirement

Believe it or not! Every well-planned email marketing campaign is ineffective without a great list. Therefore, choose our rigorously vetted Japan Email List to fragment customers, bypass intermediaries, personalize communication, and stay ahead of the competition.

However, we go out of our way for our clients who wish to add niche parameters to the standard categories on an email list. So, do not hesitate to ask for customized B2B Email Lists to expand your target audience.

Categories for List Segmentation Include

Title Name
Email Address Employees Size
Country Revenue Size
Phone, Mobile and Fax State, City, Zip Code
Website Business Contact Number
Industry SIC & NAICS Code
Company Name And more…

Still on the Fence? How About Trying Out a Sample!

We understand your apprehensions about working with someone new. After all, a credible third-party email list vendor makes all the difference when it comes to rolling out your product and services marketing campaigns.

To satiate said anxieties, we invite you to try out our free sample Japan Email Lists. Additionally, if you are also looking for a sample email list by demographics or a geo-targeted email list, we would be happy to share one without any charge.


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