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Top IT contacts for a faster, result oriented marketing campaign

Get qualified and verified IT data at the click of a button. SGS IT databases are highly targeted industry specific datasets that are ready for action. Find exactly what you need in our IT database and enhance your marketing campaigns to deliver results like never before.

With industry leading segmentation and delivery rates, SGS IT is designed to deliver high performance every time it is used. To top it all off, these lists are tailored to your individual business needs. This is the best way to increase your lead generation pipeline and generate sales ready leads.

With the rapid expansion of the technology industry, it is essential to have all the tools you will need to take on your competition. Span Global Services is your weapon of choice. Choose from our wide range of technology users lists, IT contacts and technology oriented contact details all accumulated and ready to go. Our IT contact database is rated with the highest delivery rate in the industry today. With over 200 different technology lists that are frequently updated, custom built lists that are to your specific requirements-SGS IT is one of the largest technology oriented lists available in the market today.

If you are planning to run your email campaigns, you need an IT product that is compatible with your requirements. The SGS IT product has been designed keeping the end result in mind. Our databases are built with reliability and deliverability as their core agenda, which allows you to get better results.

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