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Akamai Server Users Email List

[List of Companies using Akamai in USA : 5,737]

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Whether you want to promote your business or execute a multi-channel campaign, it starts with a list. Trust only Span Global Services for getting all-inclusive information to target niche customers (particularly IT professionals).

If you have a product or service that would appeal to the IT driven sector, then you need to market it to the right people. At times, it can be tiresome to contact those people all on your own hence it is recommended that you must choose a reliable data partner. Our Akamai Users Email List ensures you get in touch with the key players in top industries. Akamai, a US based content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, is one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms.


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Historically, purchased lists have had a fairly bad reputation as far as accuracy and quality is concerned. While the quality is poor, the relatively lesser price still works out well for many organizations. But the challenge with purchasing email marketing list is you cannot easily judge quality unless you buy them. We make sure that we deliver only 100% reliable Akamai Users Email List to our clients so that their company's reputation is never at stake.

Get direct access to the top decision makers and IT professionals globally with our Akamai Customers Mailing List. The data elements are well-segmented in the Akamai users email list including type of business, credit rating, and geography so that you can easily target the people you're looking for. All this comes at an extremely affordable price.

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With over a million plus accurate contacts, we keep the information up to date all through the year. Since maintaining the Akamai users email list is not an easy task, we spend more than a million dollars yearly to keep our content quality high and reliable. Get vital information such as complete mailing address, telephone, company name, industry classification, sales, revenue, workforce strength and so on, for executing your campaigns. The list of companies who use Akamai Connect will make it easy for you to target your ideal market segment. With a host of other business selection variables available, it couldn't be better to ensure your email campaign is as targeted as possible.

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