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Last Updated : July 03, 2024

Use Fortinet Users’ Mailing List, a Reliable Resource to Drive Success

Fortinet is a global maestro in cybersecurity solutions that provides protection to its users from network security and threats. It has a wide range of products and services to help businesses secure their networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. They use innovative technology, threat intelligence, and industry-leading expertise to safeguard against evolving cyber threats. Fortinet is committed to delivering robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions to protect critical data for businesses. It is trusted by a number of clients.

To target businesses and individuals using Fortinet cybersecurity solutions to promote their products or services related to the cybersecurity industry, companies need Fortinet users’ contact lists. This list allows them to reach out to potential clients who have shown interest in using products related to the cybersecurity industry. It results in higher conversion rates and improved marketing ROI. The Fortinet Users' List helps businesses expand their customer base, establish meaningful connections, and grow their presence in the cybersecurity market.

The Role of Fortinet Users’ Marketing Database in Improving Your Business

If you want to connect to companies using Fortinet, the leading brand in cybersecurity, then Fortinet users’ marketing database from Span Global Services is the best option. The list is specially curated for you to send out emails to your customer base without wasting your money and resources. The list has contact information of professionals related to the cybersecurity industry who have opted-in to receive emails about any new product and services related to this field. The contact information is authentic as they are collected from reliable sources. The contacts are checked manually as well as with tools to maintain accuracy. The list contains information on stakeholders like their full names, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, locations, experiences, etc.


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Assets Size


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We have technographic data about Fortinet and all products related to Fortinet like

Cisco FirePower 800 Palo Alto PA 3260
AhnLab TrusGuard Sophos XG
WatchGuard Firebox

Fortinet Technographic Data

Companies using Fortinet, Segregated by Top Countries, Top Industries & Other Details

We track the market share of many technological products, using the latest indexing techniques combined with powerful data science. We can obtain detailed insights on each company by scanning billions of public documents, with over 100 data fields per organization on average. Fortinet has a 4.7% market share.

Companies Market Share
Cisco 27.37%
Cisco Switches 12.98%
Cisco Routers 11.51%
IBM Mainframe 3.21%
Brocade 2.41%
*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Companies using Fortinet

Company Website Country Annual Revenue Company Size
Infosys Ltd India >1000M >10000
HTS Inc. Consultants United States 10M-50M 500-1000
Fujitsu Ltd Japan >1000M >10000
Acrelec France 200M-1000M 500-1000
Panasonic Corp Japan >1000M >10000
*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Fortinet Customers by Industry

*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Country-wise segmentation of companies using Fortinet

*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Revenue-wise segmentation of companies that use Fortinet

Revenue in USD Number of companies
0M – 1M 1197
1M – 10M 6683
10M – 50M 7156
50M – 100M 3321
100M – 200M 2554
200M – 1000M 4427
Above 1B 4023
*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Number of Employees working in different companies using Fortinet

Number of Employees Number of companies
Below 10 2124
10-50 5619
50-200 7265
200-500 4401
500-1000 2987
1000-5000 4465
5000-10000 1298
>10000 2378
*Disclaimer: All information displayed is subject to frequent changes given the dynamic nature of the data.

Benefits of Procuring Span Global Services’ Fortinet Customers’ List

  • All-inclusive data to facilitate multi-channel & cross-channel marketing
  • Connect with Fortune500 companies, SMBS, and other business enterprises
  • Information gathered from reliable sources for optimal accuracy.
  • List of Fortinet users who have been verified via email and telephone.
  • 200+ unique data attributes
  • 100% Data Refresh Every Quarter
  • Customized lists based on users’ need
  • Worldwide outreach with data from the US, UK, Europe, and other countries

Keep Pace With the Rapid Digitalization of Marketing Practices

With the change in the way marketers plan their new strategies it has become important for established businesses as well as budding entrepreneurs to keep pace with the new evolving methodologies. The emergence of email marketing has changed the way marketing was done earlier. Marketing through newspapers, magazines, Television, radio, billboards, flyers, etc. have become things of the past. In today’s world, personalization is the key, and sending out personalized emails is the best way to do it. For this purpose, email lists are the best tools available in the market. These readymade lists are available with reputed service providers who make sure to sell authentic data to their clients.

Apart from personalization, with email marketing analytics, one can measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and plan the next campaign based on the results. This increases the chances of getting more leads and developing long-term business relationships. Email marketing is also one of the cheapest and quickest ways of marketing.

Fortinet Users List

Fortinet Contact List

What Makes Span Global Services the Best Service Provider

We, at Span Global Services have a dedicated team who strive hard to collate data from various reliable resources. The data accumulated by our team is genuine, accurate, up-to-date, and non-repetitive. We guarantee a 90% deliverability rate. It increases your open rates and click-through rates eventually reducing bounce rates. These lists are customizable and can be adjusted to your marketing requirements. You can filter data as per different fields like company size, location, industry, revenue, etc.

As a team, we comply with data privacy policies and make sure that personal data is handled legally and ethically. We provide opt-in lists to reach the inboxes of professionals who have shown interest in receiving your emails. Once you buy a Fortinet users’ list from Span Global Services, you can stop worrying about the reach of your marketing campaign.

Hear What Our Customers Say


I recently got the Fortinet Users' contact list from Span Global Services, and I must tell you that it has boosted my business. I was able to establish new relationships and close new agreements. The list was accurate and up to date, and none of my emails bounced. The customer service crew was also quite helpful, and following payment, I had my list within 48 hours. I would highly suggest it to any business trying to broaden its reach.

Cindy S.

Marketing Manager


I was seeking a reputable service provider for the Fortinet users' mailing list when a friend mentioned Span Global Services. I purchased the list from them, and my experience was really positive. The list is extensive and includes all of the details. The Span Global crew is really helpful and professional. I am curious to see what outcomes I get from following this list.

Thomas M.

Sales Director


Span Global Services has altered the way I ran my business previously. My job has been considerably easier since I began using the Fortinet Users' Email list. I don't have to manually establish a database of firms using Fortinet. Our bounce-back has decreased dramatically, and we are generating higher ROI. Thanks, Span Global Services!

Stephany B.

Business Development Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fortinet Customers’ List from Span Global Services is a comprehensive database that contains the contact details of businesses and individuals who are Fortinet users or have shown interest in Fortinet's cybersecurity solutions.

The Fortinet users’ contact list provides valuable leads for businesses in the cybersecurity industry. It allows you to target and connect with potential customers who are already using or interested in Fortinet products, increasing the chances of successful marketing campaigns and higher conversion rates.

Yes, Span Global Services ensures that the list of industries that use Fortinet is regularly verified and updated. The contacts are carefully validated to provide accurate and reliable information.

Yes, Span Global Services offers customization options for the list of Fortinet customers. You can narrow down the list based on criteria such as industry, company size, job role, geographical location, and more, enabling you to target your ideal audience effectively.

 The Fortinet Users' List allows you to reach out to potential customers via targeted email marketing, direct mail, or telemarketing campaigns. You can promote your cybersecurity products or services, offer specialized solutions, or share educational content to engage with the Fortinet user community.

Yes, Span Global Services provides the option to request a sample or trial version of the users' list. This allows you to assess the quality and relevance of the contacts before making a purchase decision.

Yes, Span Global Services ensures that the List of customers using Fortinet is compliant with relevant privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM. The contacts in the list are obtained through lawful means, respecting privacy rights and consent requirements.

The Fortinet Users' Mailing List is typically provided in common file formats, making it easy to import into your existing marketing systems or CRM platforms. You can seamlessly integrate the list into your workflows and leverage it for targeted marketing campaigns.



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