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List of Companies Using IBM QRadar : 678

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IBM QRadar Security Intelligence is a highly sophisticated solution that detects threat through Sense Analytics and helps users safeguard their organization against cyber threats and security attacks. This solution is used extensively over the US and the world. Prominent names using IBM QRadar are The Herjavec Group, Inc., Paladion Networks Pvt. Ltd., Fishnet Security, GuidePoint Security etc.

If you have built an alternative solution to it, the good news is that your marketing potential is huge. The bad news is that you are not the only one doing so, and in order to survive in the market you need to act fast. So get for your campaigns a IBM QRadar user email database and use authentic contact lists for all purposes of business communication!

At Span Global Services, we offer the list of companies using the IBM QRadar as a solution to all data related challenges. We are flexible with our email database and can customize it for your niche campaigns. When you buy our IBM QRadar client marketing lists therefore, it is no longer a local audience base that you tap, but a global one. So start today!


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Given the fact that every other day a new start up comes into the market offering mailing lists at rather economical rates, it only seems a fair question. What set our service apart is our credentials. Over 15 years, Span Global Services specializes in offering authentic marketing databases. With complete customer details for b2b correspondence. The IBM QRadar vendor list is no exception and can go on to help your direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing, email and other online campaigns.

At Span Global Services, we follow a number of ways to build our database. We collect data from websites, business cards, public records and publications. We have as our partners, some leading magazines and trade shows, with whom we collaborate to gather information on decision makers and include them in our database. And in the process, we ensure we get their consent before adding them to our email database. So don't contemplate whether or not you need our mailing database of IBM QRadar users or not! Rest assured that if you want your campaigns to succeed, you need our list!

Ways in which our IBM QRadar User List becomes your marketing strength

Database has a short shelf life. That is why we have an entire tele-verification team that frequently verifies and updates our IBM QRadar partner mailing address list, ensuring there is no old, duplicate or inaccurate data. We also provide exclusive services for email appending as well, so as to keep your customer database up-to-date creating opportunities for reactivating old contacts.

Our lists are highly segmented according to different industries, making it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. This way you make sure your marketing message reaches only those to whom it is most relevant. Your email campaign can only be successful with data that is accurate and relevant to your need, something at Span Global Services we live to provide.


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