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Last Updated : March 28, 2024

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Squarespace is a website building and hosting platform that allows individuals and businesses to create professional-looking websites without extensive technical knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface with pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop features, making it accessible for users with varying levels of web design experience. Squarespace covers aspects such as domain registration, website design, hosting, and analytics, offering an all-in-one solution for those looking to establish an online presence. The platform caters to diverse needs, from personal blogs and portfolios to e-commerce sites, providing customizable templates and tools to create visually appealing and functional websites.

In the dynamic landscape of digital engagement, leveraging the Squarespace Users' Email List becomes a strategic cornerstone. Tailor your outreach campaigns to resonate with the specific needs and preferences of Squarespace users. Craft personalized content that highlights the platform's compatibility with their web design aspirations, offering insights, tips, and success stories. Utilize targeted email campaigns, webinars, or exclusive promotions to create a sense of community and exclusivity among Squarespace users. Additionally, tapping into social media channels and forums frequented by Squarespace enthusiasts can foster organic interactions. By understanding the unique challenges and goals of this user base, you can position your offerings as solutions, sparking heightened interest and engagement within the Squarespace community.


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Companies using Squarespace, Segregated by Top Countries, Top Industries & other Details

We track the market share of many technological products, using the latest indexing techniques combined with powerful data science. We can obtain detailed insights on each company by scanning billions of public documents, with over 100 data fields per organization on average. Squarespace has a 38.93% market share.

Companies Market Share
Google Sites 17.9%
Weebly 17.4%
Yola 5.78%
Adobe Muse 4.4%

Companies using Squarespace

Company Website Country Annual Revenue Company Size
Bipartisan Policy Center bipartisanpolicy.org United States 10M-50M 200-500
National Council for Mental Wellbeing thenationalcouncil.org United States 10M-50M 500-1000
SEO seoinc.com United States 10M-50M 1000-5000
California State University, Stanislaus csustan.edu United States 100M-200M 1000-5000
Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd blackfriarsgroup.com United Kingdom 1M-10M >10000

Squarespace Customers by Industry

Country-wise segmentation of companies using Squarespace

Revenue-wise segmentation of companies that use Squarespace

Revenue in USD Number of companies
0M – 1M 225518
1M – 10M 221889
10M – 50M 19632
50M – 100M 2175
100M – 200M 1060
200M – 1000M 1366
>1000M 790

Number of Employees working in different companies using Squarespace

Number of Employees Number of companies
Below 10 156247
10 to 49 97883
50 to 199 37325
200 to 499 11939
500 to 999 5743
1K to 5K 6618
5K to 10K  1850
More than 10K 3109

Benefits of Procuring Span Global Services’ Squarespace Customers’ List

  • All-inclusive data to facilitate multi-channel & cross-channel marketing
  • Connect with Fortune500 companies, SMBS, and other business enterprises
  • Information gathered from reliable sources for optimal accuracy.
  • List of Squarespace users who have been verified via email and telephone.
  • 200+ unique data attributes
  • 100% Data Refresh Every Quarter
  • Customized lists based on users’ need
  • Worldwide outreach with data from the US, UK, Europe, and other countries

squarespace customers list

The Surge of Email Marketing and the Strategic Role of Squarespace Users' Contacts List

Email marketing is gaining popularity due to its unparalleled ability to deliver targeted, personalized content directly to individuals' inboxes. As social media algorithms evolve and privacy concerns grow, email remains a direct and reliable communication channel. The List of businesses that use Squarespace proves invaluable in this context by providing a curated compilation of significant companies leveraging Squarespace. For marketers, this list becomes a strategic asset, offering a direct line to decision-makers and influencers within these prominent organizations. By tailoring email campaigns to address the specific needs and preferences of Squarespace users, businesses can enhance their outreach efforts, ensuring that their messages reach the right audience at the right time. This targeted approach amplifies the effectiveness of email marketing, making it a preferred strategy for businesses looking to connect with influential entities in the Squarespace ecosystem.

squarespace users contacts list

squarespace users mailing list

Unrivaled Excellence: Why Squarespace Users' Mailing List Stands Above the Rest

The Squarespace Users' Email List distinguishes itself as a superior choice in the market for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it offers a meticulously curated and regularly updated database, ensuring accuracy and relevance in every contact. Secondly, the list is tailored specifically for businesses seeking to engage with entities that utilize Squarespace, providing a niche and highly targeted audience. Additionally, the Squarespace customers’ database is characterized by comprehensive and detailed information, enabling marketers to make informed decisions and personalized outreach. The quality of the data, coupled with the platform's commitment to staying abreast of industry changes, positions it as an unrivaled resource for those aiming to forge connections with key players in the Squarespace community.

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The Squarespace Users' Mailing List from Span Global Services has been a game-changer for our marketing efforts. The precision in targeting and the depth of information provided have allowed us to connect with decision-makers seamlessly. It's a must-have for any business looking to tap into the Squarespace ecosystem.""

Jane Thompson

Marketing Manager


I've tried various lists in the past, but the Squarespace Users' List stands out. The data is not only accurate but also rich in insights. It's like having a direct line to the companies that matter. Thanks to this list, I've expanded my network and discovered valuable collaboration opportunities."

Michael Rodriguez

E-commerce Entrepreneur


As a digital strategist, having access to a reliable List of companies using Squarespace is a game-changer. The quality of information ensures that my campaigns are highly targeted and effective. Span Global Services has created a gem for anyone aiming to connect with businesses thriving in the Squarespace universe.

Sarah Anderson

Digital Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

Our list is uniquely crafted for businesses aiming to connect with Squarespace users, providing targeted and niche insights.

We understand the importance of accuracy. Our email list is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes in the Squarespace user landscape.

Absolutely! Our list is flexible, and we offer customization options to align with your business goals and target audience.

The list is comprehensive, including details such as company names, key decision-makers, contact information, and insights into their Squarespace usage.

 By providing a direct line to businesses using Squarespace, the list enhances the precision and effectiveness of your marketing efforts within this specific niche.

Yes, accuracy is our priority. We employ stringent measures to ensure the information is reliable and up-to-date.

Purchasing is easy. Contact our sales team, and we offer the list in convenient formats such as Excel or CSV to suit your preferences.

For your convenience, we offer one-time purchases. However, for those who wish to stay continually updated, we also provide subscription options for regular data refreshes.



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