Companies using JDA Software

Some of the Companies that use JDA Software includes Coca-Cola, Constellation Brands, Michelin, The Home Depot, Walgreens, and many more.

How an Updated Contact List of JDA Software Users Email List Can Benefit Marketing?

Be it retail, service, manufacturing, transportation or distribution sector, JDA Software Group, Inc. makes life easy for different industries. Having almost 19% market share in Supply Chain Management, the company also offers retail planning, manufacturing planning, store operations and collaborative management solutions.

The right way to go about marketing any new product in the same niche would be to reach out to prospects with an accurate JDA Software Users Email List, highlighting the benefits of trying your product. Even with the emergence of various social media, email marketing remains the last word for B2B marketing - and this is something you should leverage from with the right email lists by your side.

And to market your product/services through email and other popular channels of communication, it is integral that you own a marketing list that narrows down your target to the people who actually have the requirements and affordability to buy your product. And that is where Span Global Services comes into the picture.

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Benefits of Procuring Span Global Services’ JDA Software Mailing List

Benefits 200+ unique data attributes

Benefits 100% Data Refresh Every Quarter

Benefits Customized lists based on user’s need

Benefits Worldwide outreach with data from US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries

Benefits Fresh and active data verified quarterly with SMTP & NCOA protocols

Benefits All-inclusive data to facilitate multi-channel & cross-channel marketing.

What you Stand to Lose if your JDA Software Customers Email List Database Contains Bad Data?

In your search for JDA Software Customers Mailing Addresses List, you will come across many start ups that sell thousands of data at cheap rates. But look before you leap. We often get sucked in by these ads thinking that even if half of these email addresses work fine, we are good.

What doesn't occur to us is that, an email blast with bad email addresses is highly likely to be blocked by ISPs like Google and Yahoo, which means, your good email addresses bite the dust with the bad ones.

And that is not all. You lose out on the time and money spent in buying the database, crafting the email (design and content) and sending it out. Email automation hardly adds value if the email addresses are either of people who are not your intended customers, people whose email addresses have been sold to you without their consent or just plain duplicate or wrong addresses.

And that is why we make it a point to dually verify every data added to the JDA Software Customer Email Contact Lists before making it available to clients.

Along with earning a bad name in social media, people marking your mail spam and unsubscribing from your newsletter, you just end up with wasted dollars, hours and resources. Our direct mailing database will ensure that this is not the case with your campaigns.

Ensure Data Accuracy by Buying JDA Software Decision Makers Lists from the Right Source

At Span Global Services, we like to begin by calling out the myth that you need countless email addresses to run a successful campaign. Here is a fact, you DON'T NEED millions of email addresses to run a successful campaign. What you need is an accurate list, that gives you all the correct information and contains data only from the specific segment of industry you want to focus on.

Purchasing email lists from us helps you with the right data to facilitate your marketing communication. Our JDA Software Clients Mailing Addresses are built keeping in mind that we want to help our clients in lead generation and customer acquisition. So adapt the right way, the data driven way for your marketing campaign today and reap its benefit for years to come. It begins with our JDA Software client email address database!

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