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Last Updated : July 03, 2024

Accurate Intent Data to Help You Identify Prospects Easily

A real-time server software, Microsoft Lync Server, is widely used by US-based firms across industries like IT, computer software, healthcare, telecommunication, and more. And has a market share of about 5.2% even with competitors like Zoom and Skype. Safe to assume, the market is ripe for business deals waiting to happen!

To this end, a customized Microsoft Lync customer email database from Span Global Services will help you promote your products and services the way your prospective buyers like, so you can drive improved ROIs every time you press send!

How? Because getting your prospective customer's email addresses is the first step towards understanding what they expect from your brand. After that, you can segment your client directory based on business-specific goals and reach your target audience precisely. This practice will help you enjoy better connect rates in no time.


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Roll Out Effective Email Campaigns, Always

Long story short: if you can convince a chief executive how your brand solutions can solve their specific pain points, your conversion chances will always be sky-high! Consider this: companies using Microsoft Lync are mainly concentrated in two sectors, namely IT and software. And comprise primarily of small and medium-sized enterprises.

By procuring our Microsoft Lync users list, you can streamline your prospect research and procure relevant business heads' email addresses to meet your desired business outcomes. In the B2B space, wooing the company chiefs will undoubtedly be in your best interest.

Personalize Outreach Using Niche Data

B2B customers are savvier today, demanding personalized content across channels. So, why not leverage the power of personalization? A tailor-made Microsoft Lync users email list from Span Global Services lets you access relevant prospect data, so you can make lucrative business strides by targeting precisely.

We can smartly segment your in-house client directory into small demographic chunks, helping you narrow down the market search and allocate marketing budgets optimally. You also need not fret about the costs; our MS Lync customer email database is incredibly affordable to fit right into your budget!

We Can Make List Building Easier for You

For tech marketers catering to Microsoft Lync customers, a robust email list can dramatically help build lasting customer relationships and substantially reduce the churn rates. But without accurate prospect data, your email communication, no matter how effective, will only fall on deaf ears!

A leading provider of Microsoft Lync end users mailing database, Span Global Services understands how challenging tech marketing can be, which is why we only provide relevantly, consent-based business leads ready to buy.

In addition to providing access to over 296 Million verified B2B contacts, our expert email appending services ensure your in-house database remains free of stale, erroneous information. So, you only get in touch with genuine buyers and avoid wasting precious time.

If you're looking for ways to boost your ROIs with a comprehensive Microsoft Lync users list, then write to us at [email protected] today!


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