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Nurses Email & Mailing List

Nurses Email & Mailing List

Ensure reduced email bounces and undelivered mails with our targeted Nurses email list designed for maximizing b2b campaign response

Reaching out to decision making nurses in hospitals and clinics with products and services is a challenging task. With Span Global Services� Nurses email list marketers can now make easy and effective communication with targeted nurses through multi-channel b2b campaigns! The USP of our database is its quality and quantity! The database presently has verified and validated details of over 62,895 nurses across the United States with our guarantee that the database will serve its purpose assisting marketers to achieve maximum business output from their b2b campaigns. So free yourselves of worry and failure from undelivered mails and bounced emails! Invest your time and money intelligently! Concentrate on devising tailor-made regional, national and international marketing strategies and reach out to all targeted nurses and nursing specialists with our database!

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Who are Nurses?

The significance of a nurse can be gauged from the fact that there is no hospital or clinic in the world that does not have a team of nurse serving there. The Nurses email database is a golden opportunity for marketers, recruiters, hospitals and others looking out for trained and licensed nurses to approach them for their specific business requirements.

Nurses are healthcare professionals who take care of individuals, children, families, group of people, communities to assist them to recover and maintain optimal quality of life. While they are mostly seen working with doctors and physicians, in several states they are licensed to practice on their own. Clinical nurse specialists can diagnose patients suffering from health issues and prescribe medications accordingly. Some of the most in-demand specialty and experience required in nurses include- nurses with experience in ICU, telemetry nurses, neonatal nurses, nurses for the operating room and ER, nurses of dialysis care, labor and delivery.

Features and Benefits of Span Global Services� Nurses Mailing Addresses

As a leading database provider for healthcare, Span Global Services excels at delivering top of the line databases that are able to live up to client expectations and assist them in achieving their business objectives. Our Nurses mailing addresses with a genuine count of 62,895 and verified frequently once in 45 days, ensure that marketing messages are communicated to nurses who are responsible for making purchasing decisions such as the purchase of uniforms, medical supplies, equipment and more.

Our Nurses email database is sourced from the most trusted global sources to keep the database vast and expanding. Our regular sources include:

  • Medical trade shows, seminars and conferences
  • Medical journals and publications and magazine subscriptions
  • Healthcare directories
  • Hospital records
  • Medical surveys and feedback forms
  • Proprietary sources and more...

It is further verified and validated regularly through manual and automated procedures to guarantee deliverables. All duplicate and inaccurate data is removed, to keep the database cleansed for marketers to get their marketing message across to their targeted nurses.

The Nurses mailing addresses database is also segmented into different professionally relevant fields and can even be customized to suit business requirements. Fields included in the database are:

  • Practitioner's name and title
  • Email and mailing address with city/state and zip code
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Specialty and years of experience
  • Licensing state and registration number, and more...

This facilitates extensive b2b marketing through direct marketing, tele-marketing, event marketing and online marketing campaigns. With its' widespread reach and ability to deliver beyond client expectations, our database has assisted marketers in taking their healthcare products and services beyond geographical barriers. Marketers have used the Nurses mailing addresses list for:

  • Promoting and selling medical supplies and equipment and pharmaceuticals
  • Inviting healthcare professionals for conferences, seminars, tradeshows
  • Educating medical practitioners on newly invented drugs and treatment
  • Sending newsletter subscriptions
  • Contacting medical specialists for higher medical studies, CME or with employment opportunities, and more...

So make sure that the next time you are designing your b2b campaigns, it is powered by data-driven marketing! Reach us for the most recent count for the Nurses email and mailing list and achieve your business objectives effectively!

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