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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Users Email List

List of Companies Using Amazon Web Services : Global - 6,49,129 | USA - 13,105

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There is tough competition among similar brands and services today in the field of cloud services. in order to place yourselves in the hierarchy in the market you have got to think big. Using the right resources can yield you sufficient yields not only in terms of dimes but also with regards to making a fresh clientele. The key is to understand the basic mentality of your prospects before taking promotional initiatives. Span Global Services offers the dynamic AWS users database for marketers who are looking for receiving a better business response for their efforts. We have been a pioneer in the sector of offering opt-in b2b email lists in the industry for over a decade and hence can support your campaign initiatives with data that will give impetus to it.

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Amazon Web Services is a complete, growing cloud computing medium developed by e-commerce leader - Amazon. It was launched for the first time in the year 2006 to offer online solutions for various websites and client-related applications. It offers computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functions to enable businesses to grow expansively. It performs over 50 services with just a click of a button. Be it start-ups or a full grown enterprise, AWS is offering them exactly what they need in an ever changing business scenario. Furthermore, this application offers full security for any kind of data in-transit or at rest. One can easily control, audit, and configure their existing systems by the usage of Amazon Web Services.

AWS has been offering a range of services such as cloud drive, cloud search, dynamo database, elastic compute cloud, elasticache, mechanical turk, redshift, simple storage system etc. At Span Global Services we understand the potential of the brand and the need customers have for their cloud services. With our Amazon Web Services clients mailing address we can offer you the elaborate information about people choosing this software from all over the world.

We are a pioneer in offering data driven services and enhancing your current contacts through extensive list enhancement services including that of email appending services. So you can stay rest assured that your end objectives shall be met without any deviations. These data have been compiled from credible sites such as websites, publications, yellow pages, magazine subscriptions and more. Everything is further verified and up to dated for more perfection and accuracy. The Amazon Web Services end user lists is exactly what you need to get profitable returns on your investments!

Amazon Web Services Users Email List and Mailing Database
(Breakdown Count by Region)

(Including UK)
No of Companies 8,155 822 1,210 550
No. of Contacts (CVD Titles) 61,710 1,269 2,064 679
No. of Contacts (All Titles) 286,343 5,799 8,635 4,434
No. of IT Contacts 25,188 814 1,227 464

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Hit the bull's eye by using the right resources. None of the existing data vendors of the industry can promise you assurance of a relevant technology database. By utilizing Amazon Web Services using companies database you have the chance of receiving success in your marketing initiatives. We have taken special care to organize and collect data from authenticated places and filtered them while cross verifying. You can get full-fledged details like contact details like name, email, title, industry, company, and more when you purchase our list of companies using Amazon Web Services. Without having to spend time in conducting market research you are getting access to such information which makes it easier to plan campaigns. You can carry out global promotions or national ones through them.

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Some of our top selling Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Infrastructure Computing Related Technologies Users List includes:

Related Technology Total Companies Using
Amazon EC2 301,937
Amazon S3 213,226
Rackspace 147,138
SoftLayer 9,894
Peer 1 Hosting 6,925
Datapipe 985
DreamHost 7,125
Hetzner 21,275

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