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AS/400 Users Email List and Mailing Addresses

List of Companies Using IBM AS/400 : Global - 43,943 | USA - 3,505

Since demand in the market is ripe, be campaign ready with our AS 400 user contact database

Towards the end of 2016, a poll was begun on LinkedIn regarding whether or not the AS/400 is dead. It is true that the AS/400 has been replaced with an array of new products - but to assume that the product is dead, is fallacy. In fact, by 1997, IBM had shipped over half a million units of AS/400 earning for itself the reputation of becoming the world's most popular business computing systems. So understand this - IBM AS/400 has an audience base that is extensive, growing and global, and without a planned and methodical approach for engaging with them, you will not be doing a great job at it.

At Span Global Services, we offer our email address list of AS 400 customers as a means for being able to connect and correspond better with key organization professionals using AS/400. Built with absolute precision and accuracy, our business email database is comprehensive and can successfully support your marketing initiatives with relevant business data.

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With our AS/400 customers email database there's little to fear about campaign deliverables

Formally renamed as "IBM iSeries" or simply "i" (meaning Integration) but commonly still referred to as AS/400, it has over the years built a strong ecosystem and value around itself that still has strong impact on business operations. So, if you have a ready product/consultancy to address organizations using IBM i, we suggest using our AS/400 users contact database immediately and going ahead with your b2b campaigns!

Business data is dynamic - with research showing that almost 25% business email addresses get invalid and non responsive every year. So even if your customer list is a year old, you can be sure that your campaigns will face issues with deliverables. So why risk the success of your campaigns? Why not switch to the IBM AS/400 clients emailing address from us? At Span Global Services, our presence in the market for almost a decade has helped us in building a team with the right capabilities and expertise. We have the resources and tools required to collate, compile and validate data and can even use our knowhow for data cleansing and e-append services for your old lists. We believe that while new customer acquisition is challenging, it is all the more challenging to maintain customer loyalty. So why not work on it meticulously when updating your list is all that you will have to do?

Have a new approach to your campaigns; be contemporary and use a data-driven approach with our mailing list of AS/400 decision makers to engage with global audiences effectively!

AS400 Users Email List and Mailing Database
(Breakdown Count by Region)

(Including UK)
No of Companies 2,860 428 617 285
No. of Contacts (CVD Titles) 65,303 1,590 2,744 508
No. of Contacts (All Titles) 271,440 5,541 9,315 2,326
No. of IT Contacts 21,227 1,029 1,537 185

If you want to complement your marketing efforts with data, our AS 400 GIS users email addresses is the answer

At Span Global Services we understand allegations that marketers may have faced in the past for having a one-dimensional approach to their campaigning efforts. Times have however changed and today you can do a lot more, simply by leveraging from a data-driven campaigning approach. With our mailing addresses of AS 400 customer we help marketers in planning campaign strategies based on online and offline channels, to support campaigns for regional, national and global markets. Considering that IBM AS 400 is now being used for Java application development, data warehousing, web and e-commerce serving, corporate groupware services and more, we believe that the time is right to make the most from opportunities present in the market. So purchase IBM AS 400 end users email lists and let your campaigns be driven in the right direction!

With the AS 400 decision makers lists we encourage marketers to make better use of a data driven approach for connecting with key organization decision makers who have the capacity, intent and authority to purchase. So are you ready for it? Because we certainly are!

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